Chickerell - good or bad?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by kilo93, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Asked this on another forum but to no avail - is chickerell a good camp to go on and what's it like to be there for any period of time?
  2. Chickerell camps brilliant. Close to Weymouth, good run ashore, nice part of the country. It was tented accomodation when I was there, but no problem with that. The last time I was there I got to cleanse the sinners in the EWS tanks, drink and commandos, can't beat it!
  3. Just had my camp there, was very nice, especially being able to look at the ocean from the window of my billet, miss it already, only got back friday, so it's quite sad to be away from the place I spent two weeks at, it's very close to Wyke Regis camp too, which I spent a lot of time at, due to my SCIC being there :)
  4. Weybiza is awesome on the piss. Camps alright, but nothing special. Usual mix of 10 and 2 man rooms, pretty limited facilities; some vending machines ,wash/dryers and a small naafi/bar that can be taken over. Cookhouse is shared all ranks and knocks out reasonable enough stuff. Camps a 20 minute walk from Weymouth town centre or theres a bus stop opposite thatll get you in.
  5. Why does everyone I know call it WeyBiza? Scary Stuff 8-o
  6. Because its awesome on the piss and full of dirty women. Just realised this is the cadet forum, Ill be off.
  7. Suspect Pink Cadet is not exactly into dirty women.

    Dirty blokes ... now that might be a different matter ;-)
  8. And thats just the instructors :)
  9. Expensive and a blur, but as you will be drinking soft drinks, it does not affect you.
  10. Hmm... Sadly I must agree with you when you say about soft drinks.... Irn Bru is the way forward, and hey, who said that drinking soft drinks isn't expensive? ;)
  11. Bit of an assumption
  12. Agreed. A charitable one however, all things considered.
  13. I have to admit, the topic of the thread seems to have been lost haha
  14. Welcome to Arrse ;-)