Chicken & egg

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wm1965, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. For a while I've tried to synthesize the reason why anyone would be of the left-leaning persuasion. My conclusion is simple: care for others (or being really poor and wanting free money).

    So what of the those sane people of the right? While socially retardant (which has a negative economic impact) they are economically liberal and a great force (and the most efficient force) for economic growth.

    Now, you can't improve the social lot through leftism without economic growth first. QED, right is right and is the egg but the odd hatching chicken isn't bad (and might be said to be needed).
  2. How very, very odd...
  3. Will you allow me to copy this and paste it into a document for my German colleagues? That way they will be able to see how, with good use of syntax and grammar, an argument can be made succinctly without sacrificing clarity.

    WTF are you on?
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

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  5. Ah, I went to Aberdeen once. Fondle memories.
  6. Really? I had a distinct lack of fondle... Hmm.
  7. When the computer translates it, all will be clear. Possibly.
  8. I cannot for the life of me work out WTF is going on with some OP's, this one being a prime example.
  9. Do you find that being obtuse make you think you appear more intelligent?
  10. I came here expecting to find a delicious recipe.

  11. For a while now I have suspected that a number of newspapers have been using a kind of auto-writer, where the journo feeds in a few lines and facts and the story is generated by an application. It seems that there is now a retail version available and the OP has got hold of a beta copy.
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  12. It's an oblique attack on the bloated Plutocrats running dogs of the toffs and bosses under the guise of an over simplistic parable like conundrum. The answer is contained within another seemingly simplistic conundrum: why is a chicken?

    The answer, in the latter case is very simple yet complex in its simplicity: one of its legs is both the same.
  13. OK, without the alcoholic haze, now.

    Basically the left is socially progressive and economically retardant and the right is the reverse (in simple left/right dynamics). I.e. what we see now in UK policies. Now (much as I generally dislike the left) you need both but you can't have the social progressiveness without the economic growth caused by policies of the right. However, wonderful as the policies of the right are for need the odd social leap forwards as we have seen in the last 50 years for efficient economic growth: be it anti-sexism, anti-rascism, etc.

    My point is you need the right before the left, because there's no equality before a bit of growth, etc. Hence the chicken & egg analogy.
  14. That makes sense and isn't it the way that most democracies started out? At the start it was mostly a scant few that held the reins of power and cash. The leftist undercurrent swelled and "vive la revolution". The wheels normally fell of the wagon when the cash dried up. The normal leftist policy of taxing people till the bleed is not the answer to either economic or social prosperity.

    I'd argue that for a society to move forward a balance is required between left and right but in moderation. This allows for checks and balances that should satisfy the majority of the electorate most of the time. Having 4 years of one extreme followed by 4 years of the other is counterproductive and gets everybody nowhere. Its dangerous to boot. We've seen recently in Europe a rise in the number of parties on the far right with support from the populace who are simply sick to the teeth of leftist multicultural policies and a stark refusal of the politicians to listen to a significant proportion of the electorate. Unless they wake up expect to see more Brevik types hitting the headlines.
  15. The British left is founded in Chapel but I don't think lefties are motivated by charitable impulses, a doctrinare socialist would abhor all charity, they just believe in collective efforts being to their own benefit. And most Tories share that belief to some degree just as most lefties value competition in lighter doses.

    A lot of it comes down in how much faith you have in the unfettered private sector advancing the common good. Which in turn rests on your faith in man as a rational actor. I've a very short supply of both based on working in big corporations and gargling of anthropology and economics.

    Less cynical people may believe in a Panglossian "guiding hand", I see markets as essentially Darwinian. Like complex natural systems they may produce wonderful advances but are only much use to man if tended and supervised and even then they may fail catastrophically. We've had a lot of that lately, neo-liberal policy destroying growth rather than fostering it.

    What sort of society you desire to live in and how much inequality you think is a good thing? I'm well up in the top decile but don't want to be caged in a gated community or carry a firearm for fear of the sort of desperate poor folk you run across in the US, that isn't a free society. And I think it's more prudent to spend money on schooling them well rather than expensively jailing the dysfunctional wreckage for life a decade later. I pay my taxes and live in countries were its mostly well spent. I really don't need much motivation to ruthlessly advance myself with the least possible effort, I think others are much the same. If I see a buisness opportunity I'm like an excited fox in henhouse. And I feel the need for some social mechanisms to give the less competitive some hope of advancing and the unlucky another chance to take a risk in what I know is a well rigged game. Just to stop the place turning into a shit hole like Nigeria, where a few guys wired like me pointlessly hog all the pie.