Chick with wings??? Is this some kind of sick joke???!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by omnifly, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. It has just come to my attention that there has been a reported sighting of a female soldier in and around Larkhill winged up! 8O

    Is this some sort of sick joke? I can only assume that its the bird that did the commando course a while back and has back doored it up at brize for her latest PR stunt!

    Can anyone confirm who this Fem is and how she weasled her way through some sort loop hole to wear the BBC?

    If this is on the up and up then Im f*****g glad I left when did!!

    Long live 5 Airborne Brigade!!!!!!!!!!
  2. there is no way some dozy bint is doing the rounds wearing wings, this has got to be a wind up.

    The jungle drums would have been beating long and hard an age before she did the course, the closest she'll ever get to 1 pjs, is on her knees in the spotlight.
  3. A walt methinks
  4. Theoretically speaking, if she has completed the hills and so forth, and done the MPC, she would be entitled to.

    There are a number of females in our Armed Forces who are eligible, after all.

    Although by default, it seems a little odd to draw attantion to oneself by doing so.
  5. I know Im going to get all the F**k off HAT MESSAGES, but if she has passed P company would that be aproblem?????
  6. ms164, here you go, F@@@ off hat!!
  7. Ha HA Knew that was coming, predictability I love it CHEERS MATE BUT DOESNT ANSWER THE QUESTION
  8. There are more of them than you think - and some of them earned their wings before you were born:

    Female Parachutists

    Odette Hallowes GC
    Violette Szabo GC
  9. Thank you for that
  10. That old one :roll:
  11. Maybe she got up early to get to Larkhill and got dressed in the dark coming out of C (Ghurka) Coy block, inadvertantly putting on the wrong shirt and boots, etc (same size you see).

    Can't have girls lobbing out of C130, the smell of sweat and puke would be replaced by chanel and hairspray ... whatever next ...
  12. well you all wear para frocks so why shouldn't chicks do it ?
  13. i once sorted a doris who wanted to earn her brown wings on me with a strapon.Of course i said NO before anyone says anything
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    FANY!!!! someone has there tongue firmly in their cheek
  15. are you sure that she had parawings? or were they bingo-wings? or as we call them in germany lottoflugen!!