Chicago....the place...not the gash film

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. I'm off to Chicago next week. Anyone been there? If so, what's worth a visit?

  2. Lakeshore Drive and Navy Pier isn't a bad way to kill an afternoon- weather permitting.
  3. I Have been once (my sister lived/worked there in her gap year) ...... Im afraid I only shopped....

    Oh and pay attention to the map of the airport on the TV screen as you come into land.... there are several terminals... its easy to get lost and confused ....

    (edited to add helpful comment:)
  4. If you're a bint....then quite possibly ;)
  5. Wrigley field if there is a Baseball game on .

    Chinatown , go there on the ELL , the elivated public transport system.

    Look at the state of the streets below you, quite a fright to see how one block is pristene as its the money side of town and the next looks like a scene from"Escape from New York".

    Hankock observatory for a view.


    Do not get a salad and a pizza . The salad comes first and its the size of small horse.

    Get a pitcher of beer each and drink from the pitcher :D
  6. They all ride round on the outside of their cars carrying Thompson Sub Machine Guns and have Italian names.

    Hope this helps.

    You going to AvN?
  7. Went there back in 2003. As already mentioned Navy Pier is worth a visit. There's a good couple of buildings worth going up to sight see, John Hancock building for one. If your into it the Art Museum is good. I can't recommend any bars as I can't remember which ones I went in.
    I went in August and it was absolutely boiling, I imagine it will still be warmer than here when you go.

    Just don't fall into my trap.

    P.S. Even though it's called the Windy City, it's not that windy there. It was nick named that back in the 19th centuary due to the propensity of politicians who came from there, who could talk the ears off a donkey.

    Edited to add: DON'T go to a baseball game if you have a low boredom threshold. The game is shit, and should rightly only be played by girls. I left after the 4th innings. I didn't even realise the game had started until the 2nd ininngs. NOTHING happens.
  8. Yes it will 'tell' you but it does not show you where the terminal is in relation to the rest of the airport...taxis...carparks, coach stations etc....
  9. And I may have had a Gin or two by the time I landed
  10. I'm undecided as yet, but probably not. I might be out in Covent Garden on Friday night though if you're around?
  11. I've heard it's windy.
  12. I believe the steaks and beef in general are spectacular, so ask around to find out the best troughing spots.

    If you are going with SWMBO try and get her tickets for Oprah.
  13. Chicago highlights for me, in no particular order:

    The L-train.

    Wrigley Field. Yes baseball is a bit dull, but you’ll be made very welcome there & it’s an excuse to sit & drink beer & eat hot dogs in the sun for hours on end. As a London Irish supporter I was greeted as a long lost Cubs fan, partly because the Cubs like Irish are renowned for not winning a lot but having big parties.

    Maxwell Street Market for Da Blooz.

    Sears Tower Observatory, although this is very weather dependant – it’s expensive to go up there & then be in a cloud.

    Architectural river cruise. Some of the boats serve a martini that will blow your mind.

    Union Station for architecture, atmosphere & again for blow your socks off martinis. They even have sealable plastic glasses so one can take one’s drink out.

    Generally it’s a great city just to wander round. There’s a lot of public art & the architecture is superb. Millennium Park is a great place to chill out & eye up totty & has a freaky reflective giant coffee bean thing in the middle.

    This bar. I know it’s a cliché to go into an English pub, but after a dry six months in Central America the real beers were superb. And smoking was still allowed indoors.

    A small tip. Chicago city sales tax is huge. If you need cigarettes, camera film (yes, I’m a luddite) or all manner of other tourist necessities then bring them with you or buy in the ‘burbs.

    This might help…

    (In no way were any of these recommendations based on watching The Untouchables, The Blues Brothers & Ferris Beuller’s Day Off at an impressionable age, nor by spending the summer that I was 16 in the Windy City with an indescribably foxy Croat chick…)
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The two main streets running through the downtown area are Michigan and Rush. Michigan is wall to wall shopping, with everything from the usual Macy's type stores up to high end designer outlets. Rush is all bars, pubs, restaurants etc. Several of the hotels straddle the block, so you just walk out of a different door to go shopping/eating.

    It sounds daft but there is a river borne architectural tour, which will show you a fair chunk of the city, history etc. I was sceptical when advised to do it, but found it a good way to get my bearings. It leaves from a jetty beside the bridge nearest to the Wrigley building.

    Chicago is probably one of my favourite US cities - all of the good stuff of NY, but more civilised.
  15. I think I may detect a theme running here.