chian roits

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Has any looked at the pictures of the riots in china.
One of the troops has a crossbow?
What that all about.
(sorry don’t know how to post link?)
Chian roits? Fück me, two words, both misspelled. Can anybody do better? :D

Command_doh said:
Marvelous. Are you quite sure it was a soldier with a crossbow? And not a Han Chinese or an Uigher?
It's OK, he wasn't hallucinating, there is a report about Chinese soldiers with crossbows, but nobody knows what the ammunition is yet. I think it was buried in an article in either the Times, or Google news. Just had a quick look but cannot find it now, will look again later and post here if I find it.

I could not believe a report about crossbows either. We could have fun speculating what the ammo might be, probably it is non-lethal. My theory is that the bolts will be tipped with heroin, so that any deaths can be put down to drug abuse. Hopefully there will be some photos soon.
'Chian roits' my arrse; To the Hole!
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