Chesterfield Crawl II is postponed till the spring

Are you up for this?

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Hello, important message.

Due to a number of technnical difficulties beyond my control and the fact that a lot of people have now discovered that the date for the crawl is not "do-able" (and we like these people). I am postponing the crawl unitl the spring.
The list of difficulties ranges from the strange to the dire.

The mayor of Chesterfield has also booked the clay ground and we have been asked if we can come earlier or another day.

Our Staff are now making up part of the honour guard for the upcoming Trafalgar parade which means we need to be in the Guard training happening at our unit the same weekend.

The heating is still off - and its not getting any warmer at night.

We are training for a "sods opera" the weekend following.

As you can imagine i am gutted and we as a charity could do with the munny. (fixing the heating is a priority).

I promise to reschedule, with a choice of dates and i will even make sure i am going clay shooting over the next few months so if anyone is in the area and fancies having a go before the crawl, we can meet up for some one to one training?

18 would do.

PM me if you are shy and want to ask potentially embarrasing questions.....

I have already been asked if this can lead into the Male only Mil Only crawl, the answer - You tell me, i am here but to facilitate.

I am organising this so you can have some fun.

Male only? My arrse, not where there are guns involved.

Count me in, the entertainment value of watching me try and shoot must be worth a couple more people turning up.
Ok so far i have 1 person asking if this can be male only and 1 person saying mixed sex.

No one else comenting?

Ill take a wander along. I couldn't give a shit about whether its mixed sex or not.

When will it be? I'd prefer it to be after October so my next installment of my student loan is in, I dare say for a few others as well.
If it is mixed sex I would be interested
Sounds like it could be fun. If it's held later in the year then I should be able to make it.

One question; What's a gun?
maybe the artillery could bring some big guns to the range :D

If i I'm not playing with firearms in foreign climbs when it's on i may well be interested, not interested in what gender is playing killcrazy vetting is probably a good idea though
Ah yes but there are ways of making sure those who are coming are not journos/Spys/terrorists/complete dicks/ginger

Sounds like fun, count me in. I'd prefer it to be mixed sex, then I might stand a chance of being a better shot than someone. Usual questions Rince, when? how much?

And I don't think you need to make as much green stuff for the BBQ this time.


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Sounds like a boxhead style Schutzenfest (sp?).

I would have been interested but you say complete ********* are barred. :oops:
Ummm... Silly question Ricers - but what type of range manager do you need? I think Clay Pigeon and things like that are seperate quals from your standard range management packages (which I have). If I will do then I will help you!

RE Clay shooting,

Civ range - Civ rules apply as per Shotguns certificates

Anyone who is a SG Cert holder can teach/supervise a non SG holder in Clay, and all you need is someone to operate the launcher.

this will need to be one to one (so there can only be as many shooting as there are volunteers with SG Certs at any time.

RE "other Shooting"

Civ Range - MOD Rules as all civ Ranges are MOD governed.

Need RCO to run the range in a civilian mannor - unless the Gunclub will provide.

Basically my intention is to have anyone who is a RCO/Firearms instructor to use club guns to coach/teach 1to1 people who are novices.

then volunteers who own "legal" weapons on an FAC who would be willing to bring them to Chesterfield - the more unusual the better - would also coach 1to1 novices.

the idea being all the stalls in the indoor range would have a "stance" and you round robin (unless there is something you definately didnt want to have a go at)

Costs would depend on me speaking to people willing to bring thier own weapons and ammo - no one should be out of pocket, plus a margin on top for charity/polo shirt etc.

people who own FAC/Shotgun certificate would be on hand to discuss the ins and outs of gun ownership, applications for an FAC proceedures and what you get out the sport, and to tell you about different discelpines.

and hopefully provide you all with a good day out, an introduction to a very good sport/hobby and then out of the schwally after?


PS auld-Yin if you can get a note from your mum, you can come.

PPS - if this isnt the Male only mil only then i will organise that still seperately - MIL = serving and ex serving (all 3 services and foreign equiv)
acp290885 said:
Sounds like fun, count me in. I'd prefer it to be mixed sex, then I might stand a chance of being a better shot than someone. Usual questions Rince, when? how much?

And I don't think you need to make as much green stuff for the BBQ this time.
the phrase is "i dont think you need ANY green stuff for the BBQ this time

in my defence i was ordered to make some and i think 1 person had it on thier plate.


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