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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Outstanding, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Now that we all have TRFs (some worn others not!) and can smurf about talking about Drop Zones (!) , is it not time that we were all issued chest tapes that proclaim - "BRITISH ARMY" or shoulder flashes like LOGISTIC SIGNALS or CLERK?

    Great idea, that would really create esprit de corps or what?
  2. Um.. I thought the reason for the Union Jacks on the arm was to proclaim "British Army"?

    Still, it would be nice to get Trade Badges back. :D


  3. Well for a start TRFs have nothing to do with DZ Flashes, two completely different things.

    Most Corps and Regiments already have rank slides with their name on so that in case you missed the stable belt, TRF or cap badge you can tell what they do. I've even seen Siggies wearing balnk rank slides with just 'Royal Signals' on them which I thought was kicking the ARRSE out of it a bit.

    We in the engineers had to sew 'Royal Engineers' titles to the top of our sleeves 'battledress' stylee, but within a year we had to take them all off again (after paying for them) and sew the RE TRF on instead (whic´h we were only issued 2 and had to buy the rest), so I'm a bit threders with all these badges.

    I do however think this is just another one of outstanding's less than outstanding attention seeking posts that shows he knows a lot less than he would like to think he does.
  4. Lets not start PP, it is a genuine "what if?" thread.
    I have to say that I thought the way you sappers had to sew badges on and take them off agian was simply weird - quite liked the Engineer thing but your TRF is Sooo big!!?
  5. I've been given 2 OG 'ROYAL AIR FORCE' chest tapes to wear on my 95s, but since I'm ATC, I'm not wearing them. As pother posters have said, doesnt the RAF/VRT or ATC rank slides and the RAF blue beret and cap badge give it away a bit?

    FFS, It'll be sandwich boards next!
  6. I like the image!!
  7. Our TRF is a lot smaller than some.

    But the point is, they dress you up in DPM so you can hide then make you sew a big TRF on that stands out like a sore thumb. Your rank and unit on your rank slide, fine. Badges for name, regt, corps and country (see 7 & 16 Sigs and some artillery regiments) just looks too much like the boy scouts, makes work and ruins the uniform so that you have to exchange all your tops on posting. Hardly very economic in this penny pinching army we find ourselves in.

    As for trade badges? I don't even want to go down that road!
  8. Could be could have to wear the fecking big JTFHQ billboard (sorry, badge).
  9. You never know, I might just have to one day. There are a lot of very big, very horrible badges out there and probably coming to a unit near you soon.
  10. Take it from one who has over 3 decades worth of 'badges on - badges off' that nothing jars the lads off more than changes of plan. I have a drawer full of miscellaneous patches, DZ flashes, shoulder titles etc (many of which I have been forced to pay for) that are now totally redundant. Some were only on the uniform for a matter of months before my own Corps dress committee had another blinding flash of inspiration as to how we should identify the Corps/Theatre/Regiment or whatever. We now have rank slides and TRFs that identify us as Sappers (and Bde flashes for those who have to wear them) and I suspect that more localised identifiers are out there in Regiments too. Having worked with many foreign Armies and Marines, we are rather regarded as a bit of an odd mob, especially as no two soldiers ever appear to be dressed the same.

    As for the UJ identifying the British Army, what about the RM and RAF Regiment, who also wear CS 95 and all the trimmings?

    Bring back KD and medal ribbons I say - nurse, fetch my pills!
  11. As I remember it when Cbt 95 was introduced, there was an edict that NO badges were to be sewn on it at all.

    clearly someone thought we weren't pretty enough!
  12. Well that went out the window before the shirts & smocks were out of the boxes then as as soon as we were issued them they were straight into the tailors to have name tags sewn on. That's before we left the QM building with our newly issues kit.
  13. Or even better:

    Stolen, without apologies, from the gallery.

  14. WTF! come on people, this is the British fcukin Army on operations we're talking about - not the local boy scout jamboree!

    Badges? we don't neeed no stinkin badges!
  15. well said 'flash, jeezus Union flag fine, rank slide fine, name tag fine, anything else is bad news the idea of combats is we all look similiar.

    Why make the bad guys job any easier? "lets have a closer look at him , he's got his para sas commando wings on & he's a Skill at arms instructor with a a bomb disposal unit "....

    I could rant about unit tee shirts as well.