Chest Seal replacement

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mr_d, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. I just got word that the Ashermann Chest Seal is going to be replaced with the Bolin Chest Seal pretty soon. Is this true?
  2. Yep its true!!
  3. Do you know when this will be included in the BCD stuff?
  4. Sniff of this in appears to be a better opton.
  5. Its already being dished out in theatre but i would assume they are using their stocks up on the i doubt it'll get throught to BCD for a good while yet.

    The old type are very (very) bet is to have some sleek or other tape handy to tape around the seal once its been applied!!
  6. its being taught on BATLS etc, but as percybubble said the existing stocks of ashermans will be used first.
  7. That is the very reason the Bolin replacing the Asherman. I spoke to the fella who is present at all military post-mortems at the last tri-service emergency care conference. He questioned why virtually every Asherman applied was being held in place by vast amounts of harry black.

    According to this guy the Bolin uses the same adhesive as is used by THEM on door breaching charges. It will stick and form a seal with just about anything.

    Sounds all right.
  8. DMSTC have (allegedly) been told they can't have any of the bolin seals for training as the seals are for ops only. I'm told that it's pot luck as to which one you get on ops.
    Bolin seals are taught (theory only of course) on BATLS and TMI, I've not yet seen any update for BCD trainers.
  9. Do you apply a Bolin chest seal in the same way as an ashermann chest seal?
  10. According to the theory lessons, yes, but without the need to check the valve in the same way.
  11. Cheers. Do you have any lesson notes which you could send me by any chance?
  12. I'll check, it may be in one of the instructor handbooks, but I think it was all verbal. Almost like they were making it up as they went along. y'know, the usual Keogh stuff.

    however a quick google reveals

    comparitve test of Bolin v Asherman
  13. These have been around for the last 2 years... I'm sure there will be something out already or is coming out soon that's better but at the moment it miles better than the ACS.
    Main points: Better adhesive so dont use black and nasty to bodge one on, wont crease up when you remove it from its packaging, valve is set flat so there's less likelyhood of it being obstructed.

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  14. A top tip with the Asherman. Once you have dried the chest and shaved any hair, if you need to do so, a quick wipe with a swab containing tinc benz co, making sure that you dont go into the wound, helps it to stick, just let it dry for 10 secs or so before application.
  15. Question for you medic type bods.....if you haven't got any of the above mentioned seals and have to improvise do you seal on 3 sides or all 4? I've read a couple of differing versions though I've personally been taught to seal on 3 sides.