chest riigs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by geom, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. just wondering if the new black grit bag comes with a chest rig or what. lookin at maybe gettin one
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    Extra words extra words.
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  4. right does the afghan issue kit include a chest rig because im currently interested in getting one if its not issued
  5. To go over your Osprey? Why not just molle the issued pouches onto your armour?
  6. regular osprey is crap and molle chest rigs are useful. not sure about the new osprey though but still its still useful to be able to wear body armour without the additional weight of mags constantly on you. just gives added flexibility
  7. No it does not.

    Do not waste your money. Any kind of rig over Osprey is bulky to the point of useless and people will laugh at you. Take webbing and a Respirator haversack if your a LMG gunner, otherwise just attach the pouches you get with your issue combat vest to your Osprey. Do not take the vest itself, it is useless and redundant when worn with Osprey.

    The only pouches you need on your Osprey are ammunition, a grenade pouch and your Med pouch. Possibly an organizer with your notepad/pens and if your a commander then an organizer pouch for your maps/etc. Anything more than this will also get you laughed at.
  8. I have heard the school of thought that putting extra shrapnel on your chest is a good recipe for losing one's nose. It was from an infanteer who had been out there. I can see his point
  9. True EX_STAB, The days of attaching tonnes of crap to your osprey are well gone due to secondary explosions/injuries caused by the attachments on osprey - a maglite travelling towards you head at 100's of mph whilst being blown up has been known to spoil ones chances of survival.
    Likewise the rubber that people put around their helmets to look 'ally' - has been known to melt onto a soldiers face if they are unlucky enough to be near a blast.
  10. What a total bag of bollocks that was. Methink's if your close enough to have the rubber band round your helmet melt then your going to have bigger issues to worry about.

    Anyway the new ally is to tape the rim of the Mk7 up with green/sand sniper tape!!
  11. What do you think of the idea of wearing a belt rig and having next to nothing on the actual armour? I've seen it suggested by a serious commentator on here before?
  12. Whatever works for you is the only answer...

    I tried PLCE under Osprey and hated it. Pouches at the side and a man bag all the way. For others it was vice versa.
  13. It depends on the individual. I would suggest for LMG gunners, belt rig is the way forward with nothing on the Osprey apart from a med pouch and maybe a chest organiser. As an LMG gunner I found the most useful setup was belt rig with a Respirator haversack holding all my ammunition in one big long belt. I'd keep a seperate 100 round box on the gun and when contacted, after firing off those 100 rounds I would then just load the massive belt onto the gun from the haversack. When the contact ended I'd snap the belt leaving about 50-100 rounds on the gun and stuff the rest back into the haversack and carry on.

    If your a rifleman or some variation of, I'd suggest not bothering with the belt kit and keeping it to magazine pouches, grenade pouch, med pouch and possibly an organiser if your one of those commander types. Absolutely everything else can be kept in your daysack or ECM bag, though man bags are pretty useful.

    People have a tendency to overcomplicate it for themselves. You don't need all manner of kit dripping off your Osprey or person. If you can't shoot it, eat it or drink it and it's not essential to the mission or patrol leave it.
  14. Common sense would suggest that if you had experienced Osprey being crap, you'd have experienced what it comes with? Seems logical, that's all.
  15. With the extra "hunchfront" bulk of the Velcro cummerbund and Side Release Buckles a normal width chest rig also pulls the cross straps into the back of your neck pinching it.
    The minimum width to stop this is 30" or twenty PALS columns.
    As Mr Ex Stab stated there are times when you might want armour protection without all the gubbins attached to it.
    I agree. The issue "MOLLE OPS Vest is 'orrible. It's a step in the right direction though.