Chest rigs and Assault vests

Right as youngster are these good bits of kit or a waste of time, and can you get them custom built or which are thebest models to go for? Any thoughts advice much appreciated.
Yes, they are useful for certain soldiering, esp armoured / mech.  Most of the boys from my Regt had them on TELIC and were happy with them.

You need tyo be careful about which one you buy, not just because of quality, but because of IR reflectivity.  Those not made by UK PLC are unlikely to be made from IR reflective material, meaning that if you look at it through a CWS you glow white.  This is not good.  That said, some are, if they are in your PRI you can clearly check.  Getting a CWS into Silvermans / HowMuch Supplies will be more tricky.

General consensus is that build quality and practicality of issue vest is the best, and it's made of the right material.

Hope that's of asistance.


i prefer vests to usual plce webbing find it much better.use a chest rig too on occasions wen i need it.........yeah the PLCE DPM Soldier 95 Assault Vest is by far (in my opinion) the best un out there.u can get them custom made.i think jay jays does!!.but also on ebvay you can get some great deals!!!
They're good if you're in a close environment or doing a lot of travelling in vehicles (if you've ever tried to drive wearing standard PLCE, you'll know what I mean). They're not so good if you are going to be doing a lot of tabbing etc as they do not support the bergan and also the heat buildup can be uncomfortable.


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If your Inf Dont bother , plce is the best . Try firing an APWT in the prone position with a vest on . If you drive a lot yep go for it . The best one is the issue one , Arkis and web-tex are, crap for cadets and walts. I hope that helps , its only my opinion . Cheers recce
had an arktis vest bought off ebay it was crap inferior to issue within in a week it was back on ebay, arktis vests lack essential detials thats on the plce kit like the waterproof baffles on pouches and velcro covers on the ammo pouches.

ended us with a vest by sass (waltish name but good kit!!!) theyll sew on extras like clips for resi pouches and all the little essentials. pricey but very good.


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