Chest Pressure whilst running

Hi guys,

took a friend on a little run last week as he wants to join the army at the end of the year and is extremely unfit. Anyhow after less than a mile he was complaining about pressure on his chest and throat area(diaphragm i think) not pain per-se but pressure when taking deep breaths., i've never had this but ive never been really unfit he has been to the doctor and doc said no asthma or anything medically wrong. Just wondering if this is normal and if theres anything he can do to help (except run his ass off every day). we have pushed him to 2 milers now but dont really want to push him too far just in case he spanks in. also someone recommended "powerbreathe" has anyone used one of these and are they any good or just a gimic?

cheers guys
kaostheory said:
he has been to the doctor and doc said no asthma or anything medically wrong.
cheers guys
Mmm, because he's young and the doctor assumed if it isn't something really serious and obvious it is almost certainly just lack of fitness.....and it probably is. If it continues he needs wired up and a stress test on a treadmill, but that's not going to look good on his docs.

If he's got big general problems powerbreathe is probably a waste of money - you don't worry about valve bounce if there's no wheels on the bike :)

What does his heart rate get up to on a 15 second count? Anything over 44-5 and he probably wants to throttle back (assuming he's 20).

You might want to carrry some Aspirin - if he does have a heart attack one under the tongue (his tongue!) and one crushed and swallowed might save him a lot of heart damage. And carry a mobile..
we had some guy with the same prob cpl years ago
first of all he must learn to inhale through the nose and to exhale through the mouth
no gasping and tell him to mind breathing into the tummy not the chest

it's wrong breathing ...if the doc is sure there is nothing wrong
you must see a doc first - take your word he's done that
Is he wearing a Heart Rate Monitor?

i had to read the username twice then only a couple of letters off my username, yeah i had sort of the same prob tightness on the chest when i was unfit. I have always wondered about these powerbreathe gadgets what do they actually do can anyone verify that there are gains from using one?
I've always heard the powernbreath things were always pants.

If it is poor lung capacity (and it doesn sound like it IMO) I'd suggest swimming and trying some slow running for a bit for distance with (and bare with me) some hose in his mouth (to restrict air intake..or a double mouth guard if he wants to shell out £15)
Could be pericarditis my son 20 year old had it,swelling of the heart lining and he was as fit as a larup.Painful as f*ck by all accounts ,syptoms sound the same.He has been given the all clear now but if care not taken scar tissue can form roond the heart and that's a different ball game then.Get it checked oot.

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