Chessington World of Adventures?


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It's big news on Rochdale FM due to its popularity amongst local men as a stag do venue.
Anybody seen Lumpy this morning?
Fire? It's all part of the adventure.
I remember when it was just good old Chessington Zoo.
I too remember it as Chessington Zoo.
And the old fire truck that used to drive people round.
Drove past it earlier and the cafe was well ablaze.
"Crispy bacon? Who ordered the crispy bacon?, extra crispy bacon.... anyone? Fuckit, call 999."


That was passed chessington on the left.
MoD chessington also on left.
Carry on to the roundabout about a mile down the road turn left.
Now a housing estate!
I thought it was great that most of us pulled guard duties when there wasnt one fit body between us.
Santa's Grotto in the Creaky Cafe was on fire.
Hope someone had read the elf & safety placards!


Posh fuckers having smoked glass fitted.
It can only improve the look and the smell of the place IMHO!
Where will all the chavs go for their annual holiday now?

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butlins or shopping lifting a lidl in leatherhead?
Legoland and Windsor won't know what hit it as it reaches all their criteria.

Rides? Check.
Gates to keep the little kids in so you don't have to look after them? Check.
"Food" outlets banging out chips and burgers? Check.
Shops to steal from? Check.
Normal people to swear at when they ask the "adult" to get their kids to stop hitting theirs?

Looks like we have a new home for them.

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^LEGOLAND and Windsor are heartily welcome to them.

It's just a pity the conflagration didn't spread to the rest of fucking Chessy and do it several poundsworth of improvement.