Does any one know if, there are chess pieces available that represent the current British Army?

The Knight and Rook have been amalgamated in that version to become the Knook and during that same master stroke it was decided to give them more mobility and less firepower.
Do I detect the sarcasm that you're commenting on, there Anya?
Joker said:
Pawns are all Infantry Regiments.
Infanrty regiments are all pawns, surely?
Don't buy the U.S version, every time you capture a piece you have to put a fcukin' dog lead around its' neck.
The Knights are all now pop stars, sports personalities or anyone else who happens to be Tony's mate.
I knew I should not of put this in the NAAFI. Tis, funny though.

SK :)
The castles have all been turned into theme parks.

Oh and the King is either a dead singer/paedophile (allegedly) black singer/some balded headed tree hugger or depending on which set you buy it could be a very large monkey.
Avoid the french version, as soon as you move the first white piece the other side surrenders
Did some poor unfortunate spotter just want info on a Brit Army Chess set....... the naffi has done itself proud again!!!!!!!!!
For the spotter out there, try harrods or some where smart and expensive like that, they have all sorts of themed chess sets, an american ex girl friend of mine bought me a US Civil war chess set from Al Fayed's London gift shop, no idea what the significance of it was, just got me some thing "smart and grown up like" for my house i think.... I will imagine they will have the Guards and all that in red tunics and tourist tat Chess sets for those who want them

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