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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blueface, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. were are the 22nd at the mo ????????
  2. They're all round at your mams house.
  3. I take it you like tyres then???
  4. Im Awol and I have been for 5 years, I Did Phase 1 and Phase 2 at Lichfield and catterick passed out at catterick but never went to my unit.
    Im 26 now" and its time I sorted it out so im not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.
    The reason I went Awol is because I feel the army life is not for me and I tried to hand my notice in but they were not interested, So I decided to go Awol.Its been four years now and im woundering what I can excpect wen I return?
    Ive been working in cash in hand jobs for most of this time and I want my Llife back so I can have a family and get on with life and have a decent life instead of woundering weather Im going to get the police pulling me on the road one day or something .
    I have phoned the army Awol support line and the man said to me that I should hand myself in at catterick guard room? Which is worrying.
    And I asked him what punishment to Exspect he said I could go to colchester, or I could get kept in at catterick do some time there and then they boot me out.
    Or I could have to soildger on which is my worst case cenario,Because I would just go Awol again so theres no point of them trying to get me to soildger on really!
    He also said he would arange for me to go to the army carrers office near me and have me pick up a travel warrant to go back to catterick
    I just dont know wot to do can anyone with some knowledge of how the army deal with Absentees, Awol people like me and what I can expect wen I get to the guard room at catterick?
    Ive also been told to go to the police station and hand myself in there I just dont know wot to do please help thanx.....................
  5. Why are you forever posting the same shit you fucking cunt.

    You are nothing but a deserter, you need to be strung up.
  6. Only when used as a "Soweto necklace" against spineless cunts like yourself.
  7. After reading through ALL of your posts, with EXACTLY the same message, I have come to the conclusion that you are a deserting CNUT. You deserve shooting, only shooting is a soldiers death. Hang the 'man'
  8. ok ok,its complicated for me as i have to find there is no answear to my problem,return to catterick face music but there is also the worrie of them trying to keep me there ,i suppose someone with no will to stay in then they would not want that person all i want to know is there a fixed penalty for awol and the time ive been gone or will it be a fecking boot out the catterick door how hard is that to answear !!!
    also is there an imposed sentance for five years awol or i repeat will i be booted fairly quickly with my mitagated surcamestances!!!!!

  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Its not complicated at all, you just don't like the answer, you fucking cock end.

    1) Hand yourself in. Take whatever gets thrown at you. After 5 years, and never been to a unit, you'll probably get send packing after an almighty bollocking.

    2)Stay on the run, have a shit life working shit jobs for shit money.

    Be a fucking man, for once in your life.

    Now stop repeating yourself, you've got the answer, fucking deal with it.

  10. And learn how to spell, thought mine was bad
  11. BFPO 808 state
  12. or walk into your local british legion branch

    buy a pint,

    and chat to the welfare officer - theyll do all the telephoning for you
  13. You really are a fcuking pathetic waste of skin, sort your sad little life out & act on the advice that has been given to you on numerous occasions.

    Now do us all a favour & fcuk off & while you're at it learn some basic grammar skills.
  14. You're nothing but a piece of fucking deserter scum, it's just a pity you can't be hanged (shooting's too good for you) in front of your battalion like the scum that you are.

    Either be a little bit of a man and hand yourself in or fuck and spend the rest of your life waiting for the police to pull you over for a broken rear light and finding out you're on the run from the national computer.

    Either way, stop starting these fucking stupid fucking threads on here you little twat.
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Not open for further replies.