Cheshire Police vs chav girly man

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Jan 26, 2006.

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    God bless them- they have the filthy chavster squealing like a stuck pig for his little friend to come and help him. The dopey look on his mate's face is just beautiful. :lol:
  2. The copper in the glasses is P.C Houghton, he accidentaly sprayed his colleague with c.s gas during the struggle, the man arrested was jailed for drug offences and the little girl is the arrested mans 5 year old daughter.
  3. I saw this on TV the other week, he was pumped up on some shit hence the struggle.
  4. Aah - that's what I was wondering - two big Cheshire boys trying very hard to control him - he must have been on something. To be fair, it must be very hard to use only 'reasonable' force in those circs. The temptation to biff him must have been huge. Obviously - for the cynics - there were witnesses and a camera though. Do we know why it was being filmed?

    'Help me Neil' was classic but not as funny as 'Me tea's gettin' cold' at the beginning.
  5. Street Crime UK or similar type programme?
  6. did anyone notice what looked like a sly knee to the kidneys by the bold copper just before he got bounced off the phone box
  7. I would be the worst copper....I would find it really hard not to clout that twat round the face...

  8. Or spray the gas right down his throat
  9. Yes I thought I clocked that, the grass was probably wet and he slipped.
  10. Hah that was funny i've seen it before on Street Crime UK.
  11. Could have at least shown a bit of pride in front of his daughter.
  12. In that same series there is another struggle where there is only one officer, the cameraman puts the boot in - doing his civic duty :D

  13. About time they brought back the nightstick,for chavs and druggies
  14. I'd have liked to have seen the clip for that one.

    I got linked to this video on an American site. The first post was "Look at this video. British cops are wusses. They should have pounded the crap out of him" Or shot him, or something, I guess.

    Fortunately, he was soundly rebuked by the other posters, who were full of praise for the restraint shown. I have to say, when the chav did a legger, the cop was very quick off his feet to react.

    I find it interesting that British police wear their body armour on the outside, over their shirts, and Americans, when they wear any, is under the shirt. Wheras the militaries are entirely reversed. Americans wear IBA on the outside, British appear to wear them one level down.

  15. Anyone else notice how when the second copper dives in to help his mate, he leads with a knee right in the kidneys....