Cheshire Homes renaming

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I am a crusty old colonel but forgive me if I sound like one this morning. As I pored over my Telegraph and munched my Gentlemen's Relisgh on toast, I noticed a picture of an RAF officer in my wife's news-comic. It was of course Leonard cheshire VC. On further investigation I discover that some pointy-headed imbecile has decided that "Cheshire Homes" is not with it, hip or trendy enough for the modern world. So they are going to rename the charity as something from a short-list which includes Disability UK, e-something and ADL or whatever.

    None of these are remarkable, they fade into the background of snappy modern one-word names. Moreover they obscure the amazing nature of the Homes genesis. They degrade the connection with Leonard cheshire moreover, a man who fought incredibly bravely for this country and then had a Pauline conversion to ways of peace and charity. I am aghast at this "proposal". Obviously in the new Britiain Len cheshire VC is not a suitable role model. If only he had learned his social conscience on a three year charity studies course at West Midlands University and hadn't come to his position via hard earned experience and a professional military career. Imagine if somebody made a connection between his good works and say the bombing of Dresden? No, fade him out and put the whole kit and caboodle into an amorphous blob of charitable organisations that really ought to leave that sort of thing to the government who really know what they are doing.

    This should not be allowed to happen and i hope the Daily (Fe)Mail will get right on the case. Sadly I suspect nothing any sane, right-thinking person could say would make a difference. Meanwhile 1 in 5 homeless people are Ex-Services and 30% or so are in some way damged, mentally or physically. For shame...
  2. What exactly do they think will be the effect of changing the name to some vague made-up word? I suspect that the difficulty is that after being indoctrinated at whatever polyversity these wretches attend, they leave determined to change everything for the sake of changing it, New Labour stylee. Clearly the example shown by Gp Capt Cheshire is too difficult for these creatures to understand; perhaps if he had kicked a ball about they would do better.
  3. These pointy headed feckers really p1ss me off, who do they think they are changing the name of a legacy of a brave man.
    Will they change it again in a few years when the www, e world with a snappy name is no longer trendy?

    Do fellow arrsers think this is a just cause for us to get behind and lobby the powers that be??

  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I suppose that considering Belfast Harbor Airport is now George Best Airport,renaming a home simply because Gp Capt Cheshire is'nt famous enough for Joe Public.The was a case a while back where a Ex-Services home asked for a few thousand from the Lottery.They were turned down YET they gave some funking artist thousands for a ceramic 'fish'for Belfast harbour!!!Seems to me taht if you dont fit into the labour P.Correctness slot,you're not welcome & have to change to their tune. I wonder just how long it'll be before Sven & Beckham get somewhere named after themselves? (Hopefully the local tip " The David Backham Civil Amenities Site" has a very nice ring to it!)
    Political Correctness??? load of Bullocks!!
  5. Haha.... I remember BBC interviewing Cheshire VC at the time of the 40th(?) anniversary of Hiroshima (he of course was on the wing aircraft as UK observer). It was at the height of the bleeding-heart outpouring of guilt over the Bomb, and clearly the leftie BBC were expecting the deeply religeous & philanthropic Cheshire to join in the group apology. Not a bit of it - he stated something to the effect (I'm paraphrasing from memory): "I feel now as I felt then: that nothing was too bad for the Japanese, after what they'd done to others." That left the Beeb interviewer a bit lost for words....!
  6. Take a perfectly acceptable name, that represents heroism and sacrifice and replace it with some awful, made-up, contrived ghastly modern rubbish.

    PSNI anyone?
  7. its a charity for ffs spend the cash on doing good.
    a brand name does'nt help people the services you offer do.
    lets take into effect the cash spent thinking up a new name rebrading the homes stationery a new website and other bits of tat.
    its not important whats important is the charity offers services that help :twisted:
  8. Its like whem Dr. Bernardos dropped the Dr.

    He was the founder and thats what they do. I have never given a penny to them since.
  9. I am more than happy to donate to the wonderful Cheshire Homes but not to some PC names establishment , just watch there income drop like Blairs popularity when they make the change
  10. And the disgusting thing is the "PR consultancy" will have the cheek to charge 10's of thousands for the privilage of it!

  11. Roger Waters may prove an ally in this; He performed 'The Wall' at the Brandenberg gate within months of the Berlin wall coming down in 1990, having been invited to do so by Sir Leonard:)
  12. Makes me sick...
    Any chance there's a petition somewhere on this subject?
  13. I too read it Cuddles,and couldn't believe it,is nothing sacred I am amazed at the lengths Bliar and his pc cronies will go to,to destroy this countries proud heritage,it seems they were praising veterans day one minute,then allowing something like this to be proposed
  14. I received some insider information on this last night from an ex work colleague who now works in management for Cheshire Homes. She said the staff from regional directors to domestic assistants as well as the residents are verging on the mutinous such is the strength of feeling about this fatuous name change. A few weeks ago all staff and residents received a notice of the impending name change accompanied by a voting form. There were several suggested name change options but no choice for remaining as existing. My buddy's spent time at the London HQ/PR offices on training courses and witnessed the extravagant premises (including a dedicated lift operator) when the steadfast care staff are barely earning the minimum wage and her opinion and apparently the general consensus is that this enormous waste and misuse of charitable funds is an exercise being undertaken purely as a means of justifying the PR department's budget and indeed existence. All attempts to extract a reasoned argument for the name change have been met with silence. All staff have been forbidden to discuss this with press or indeed anyone outside of Cheshire Homes' employ but I'll keep my ear to the ground and if a protest movement/website/petition etc. is formed I'll put the links on here.
  15. Thanks .Dolly I would gladly join any petition please keep us informed