Cheryl Coles arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Saw this on "Mock the Week" last night, suprised it hasn't appeared on here yet.

    It seems that geordie songstress and latter-day forces sweetheart "whoor Cheryl" has had a new pievce of artwork on her derriere


    Apparently her mum was less than impressed, saying ''You'll regret that when you're older.'' Along with one or two other things Cheryl regrets, like marrying a punchy footballer and claiming to be a singer.

    linky thong, sorry, thing. Yahoo!
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  2. stoopid tart
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  3. 's like Michael Jackson in reverse - I think she's trying to turn herself black...
  4. She's a fucking chav cunt, like all members of her family, therefore it's no surprise she's got more tattoos than an El Salvadorian gang member.
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  5. I can get better colour on my missus's arse with my palm.
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  6. Apparently she told the Tattoo artist that she wanted one on her arse to reflect her lifestyle and he suggested a Rose because it has dozens of pricks in it
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  7. Simple and discreet.
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  8. Can I have them knickers when she's finished with them? No need to wash, make a great ebay auction for Help for Heroes!
  9. 'A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet' according to Billy Shakespeare......errr....I'm not so sure now.
    Still, there was a certain German officer's wife who would of killed for that to add to her lampshade collection.
  10. To reflect her lifestyle you say ?

    Perhaps a basketball would have been more appropriate as a fair number of non swimmers have tapped it
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  11. I wouldn't touch that slag with Blairs.
  12. And her hoop's probably as wide ;-)
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  13. A portrait of her blackened orbits would be more appropriate.
  14. I despise the slag (and a few of her family) but I would shag her until my hip joints turned to a fine talcum powder. Then I'd finger her until arthritis made me vomit with pain.
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  15. Here's her next one:

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