Cheryl Cole to divorce.

I want that woman so bad I'd suck the cock of the last man that shagged her just to get a taste of her.
If that's your story, then you just stick to it mate!
My God, will the tragedy never end?

Liam Payne parties at BAFTAs as he ‘seeks advice over ‘Cheryl split’

I see that she now brands herself now as 'Cheryl', obviously tiring of having to change her surname every few months.

You can take the girl out of the estate... etc.
I clicked on the link but it seemed to be a story about a jakey* splitting from a washed up tart.

*I knew immediately he was a jakey as the combination of badly fitting orphaned suit jacket and trainers is a common look among the night shelter, and meths drinking set.

(i) required to cover some...less appropriate...inkwork.
(ii) an unwise life choice taken whilst somewhat over excited
(iii) a desperate attention seeking ploy

But no matter what, she had it done by "a proper artist like" and after 55 hours and £14k thus managed to win an award:

Worst Celeb Tat

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