Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Litotes, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Those of you who remember the various organisations in Chertsey such as MVEE, RARDE, DERA, Vehs & Wpns Branch etc might remember the huge house, opposite the entrance to the test track, MQs and the Officers' Mess, that was under construction as Chertsey was run down in the late 1990s. The noticeable feature at the time was that it had more security guards outside than did DERA and the barracks!

    It has been variously described as the most expensive house in the country and features in today's Telegraph (although the article is poorly written):

    The £70m mansion nobody wants - Telegraph

    Why any developer would think that a billionaire might want to live yards from the M3 is beyond me!

    I have checked the back of the sofa and have 12/6d to hand. Do you think they will entertain my offer?

  2. Lived in chertsey for a while full of pikey shit , couldn't get out quick enough. Anybody never mind multi millionaires.
  3. I think you're confusing Updown Court on Chertsey Rd, Windlesham (just along from the Brickmaker Arms), with Longcross House (owned by Sheik Mohammed al Maktoum) which is opposite the test track, on the Longcross Road.

    Other than that, all Pikey references are essentially correct.
  4. Longcross House is at A - Updown Court at B

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  5. Bugger.

    You should see me with a map... :)