Chertsey Overnight accom ?


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Given some of the destinations in the other threads I hardly dare post this - anyone know (from personal experience rather than Google) a decent B&B in the Chertsey area?

Only looking for a place to hang my hat and catch some zeds Weds/Thurs night, as I'm working nearby and the job wouldn't cover The Bridge Hotel (£104 ffs) overnight .

Any tips from well-travelled but mildly skint/mean Arrsers (like me) much appreciated.

( I nearly wrote " tight/stingy arrsers " then - just didn't sound right :) )

Goodonyer, Ta Esso



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[on]Deafening silence[/off]

....Anybody from the Chertsey/Staines/Shepperton massive on this Board?

Still searching so any (reasonably polite) suggestions would be most welcome.....

Le Chevre
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