Cherry Healey and Tazers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by skintboymike, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Discussion with Cherry Healey about man tasered by police outside Buckingham Palace - 4th Feb 2013 - YouTube

    I ran a quick search and couldn't find anything on here, so I thought I'd share. For those that can't access the video, it features Phillip and Holly chatting to some opinionated O2 thief called Cherry Healey (who I'd never previously heard of) about some loon who was tazered by plod outside Buckingham Palace for waving two BFO knives around. This self important wench reckons tazering was overkill, as 15 armed policemen should easily have been able to overpower him without harming him. She went on to suggest an appropriate alternative would have been pepper spray. I'd have liked to see her try. No, really, I would. How the **** a bog-eyed creature like this can make it on daytime TV is beyond me.
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  2. Never heard of her either but I guess that if she does not have an opinion on everything (or more like the Director is feeding her lines as she, like many Actor luvvy twats is as thick as mince ). She won’t be seen as an interesting TV star .
    Her wiki entry show how the cutting edge kind of programmes she is in.
    “including studies on drinking, childbirth, body issues, dating, and money,[2]she frequently relates documentaries to her own life”

    Oh look at me I’m a TV star Have a Google search for her under images to see her talent at pulling the same smirky bog eyed look all the time..

    Mind she did get her chubs out with a hint of a twisted titty if that is a nipple on show.

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  3. A slightly better view ch1.png ch1.png ch1.png
  4. Was she also the one who said that the insurance ad with the yellow bazooka being fired at a fat opera singer, would encourage acts of terrorism?
  5. Will she be on later this morning leading the praise of two former , and slightly chrispie audi drivers?
  6. What a complete and utter load of rubbish. The other 3 seemed to agree that they did the right thing, that is refreshing.
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  7. Seconded! You could see in Schofield's eyes him trying not to say "are you ******* retarded?!"
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  8. I would.

    I'd have shot the **** with the knife though, far less hassle.
  9. The **** doesn't even know that the police doesn't use 'pepperspray' but CS spray. I just wonder why they give people like her even a second of airtime. Schofield for Home Secretary me thinks..
  10. Hollie.....Ohhhhh Hollie
  11. The same Schofield who thinks gossip on the Internet demands serious attention from the PM?
  12. At least it put Cameron in a position who blithely answered along the lines of all homosexuals are paedophiles! Brought out of him what he really thinks! And Schofield is surely better than the cow of a Home Secretary we have now!
  13. and what about "People at the time thought it might be part of a co-ordinated attack"

    - made up tosh from Paul Ross.

    I mean, who was attacking, some circus group (knife throwers, jugglers etc) or such like?