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Has anyone been on the trips visiting Chernobyl??????? Am after booking one and would appreciate any advice!

Don't open your mouth into wind.

Burn all clothes after you've worn them outside.

Scrub yourself with a metal wire brush until your top layer of skin is removed.

Only drink bottled water.

See the doc about your thyroid problems when you get back.

...why would you go there?


The experience. There was an article in the sun newspaper last year regarding the tours they do to visit certain 'lower risk' areas.

However... it was The Sun i read this in...... hence me asking if anyone has actually been!

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FFS - can't you find anywhere more interesting to go? Apart from the drama of the area, there's bugger all else. Even Kyiv isn't exactly a hub of city life!


I have posted it on another forum as well.

For 130 USD you will get a ride there from Kiev (2 hour ride), a luxury dinner and a full day in Chernobyl. And its not a joke. More info Solo East Travel

One individual told me that he even managed to bribe local military to do some shooting in a forest with AK-47. Don't know how much truth is in that but you can always try. But there is military living on the outskirts and also some resettlers on farms on the outside. There is a scientist that lives on the outskirts that farms and eats fruits and vegetable grown by him there. Well everyone needs 'five a day'.

I was also advised to take a radiation counter in case I fancy going there. Its apparently better to avoid areas with high radiation.....I would never guess :smile:

Photos Visiting Chernobyl

I've met people who live there. None of them had more than one head. All of them were alive.

If you stay there for a long time, your blood cells will get knackered and you'll be susceptible to infections. (Sorry for the jargon, us medickal professionals just can't help it). Don't stay more than 10-15 years.

For real thrills, seek out a job at Chernobyl, rather than just lunch. I read that they were offering 50,000 US dollars a day for anybody mental enough to dive into the black, radioactive acid bath that is the reactor vessel and dismantle bits that the robots can't get to. Despite the lead codpiece, you'll get your entire lifetimes safe dose of radiation in one day but you will save a fortune on vasectomies.
You could always buy Call of Duty: modern warefare. You get to have a look round and drop a few pesky russkies at the same time.

Just don't disturb them bloody dags
A more interesting and much safer place than Blackpool probably... :)

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