Cherie's Sinister Poppies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Purple_Flash, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Has anyone else noticed that the Dear Leader's wife insists on wearing her poppy on the right side as opposed to everyone else?

    Does anyone else think that it's probably a case of her saying "I have to be seen to wear the damn thing in public, but I am protesting at this imperialistic, old-fashioned rubbish!", or am I just suspicious? Or maybe she is wearing it that way to mourn the Palestinian Suicide Bombers that she so approves of!

    It marred an otherwise marvellous Festival of Remembrance for me.
  2. I have noticed all the females on television have been wearing their poppy on the right, any reason for this or just a female thing?
  3. I thought both the Dear Leader and Letter-box Gob looked most uncomfortable and out of place - which of course they were. Notable by his absence, but not at all missed, was TCH. I hope that the Festival, and tomorrow at the Cenotaph, will make Bliar and his gang think long and hard.

    In the matter of poppies, I suspect this is just another case of the ghastly Cherie's disastrous dress sense.
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The Queen doesn't and neither did any other females in the Royal Box... And I think that it is our Sovereign Lady who sets the trend for these things!
  5. Mrs hackle points out that HM the Queen wore her poppy on the left, as normal.
  6. I think it depends on who dresses her.....



    Beebs x
  7. So Blue jobs do have their heart on the right then...

  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    That photo op outside No 10 is the only time I have seen her wear it correctly; and if it is JUST a matter of who dresses her, then maybe the No 10 protocol unit might like to write a memo pointing out the norm. :evil:
  10. Sorry lads but I have seen a number of female presenters and their female guests wearing the poppy on the right whilst all males have been wearing theirs on the left as is norm. I am only commenting what I have seen.....
  11. Growing up, my father pinned poppies on us, boys left, girls right.
    No idea why, but I wear mine right ALWAYS........

  12. Ah - I think I've got it. The poppy goes in that little slit you find on the lapel of your suit (whatever its called, I though buttonhole but there's never a button to attach it to), so if you're wearing a female cut suit that buttons up the other way then the suit has the slit on the other side.
  13. Whatever, to nick something from that greatest of great men, whether she wears her poppy on the right or left, she will still be ugly in the morning.Good comments on this site re Blair and his trip to liverpool, its really getting a little terrifying living in Britain...although I still have to ask, what is the alternative? Michael Howard?
  14. Traditionally women always wear buttonholes, ie. floral decorations, on the right, men on the left. This is indeed down to the opposing sides on which actual buttonholes are found on men's and women's clothing.

    This has carried over into many other things, such as charity ribbons, lapel pins, and in this case, Poppies.

    Contemptuous as I am of Cherie Blair, I don't see anything sinister in her wearing of the Poppy on the right - personally I would say that that is where women and ladies should wear it. But as Her Majesty wears hers on the left, then I'd say that's definitive.
  15. At least she wore a red one not one of those white ones .though the only person i saw wearing a white one was in the remberance parade and he was wearing a red one as well and i guess he had earned the right.