Cherie rules out political career

shes a fookin LAWYER!! married to a politico!

if shes saying she has no interest, she means its been considered and a likely possibility!

OMG, horrid thought, Hillary in the white house and the crazy frog lady at No10!

lawyer / lie-adjuster.


Kit Reviewer
No matter which way you look at it this is one fugly creature !

That Bliar needs to be topped has never been in question, but the Taste Police should be allowed first crack.
I agree with DS. Polotics and Law is a nasty mix that very seldom produces an honest comment. And when you consider the type of law she practices, that is defending the blatantly guilty scum of the earth who really would do every normal person a favour by being locked up, then you can't really believe a word she says can you?

That said, she's getting all the perks of top level political life at the taxpayer's expense without having the responsibility right now, so I don't expect her to show her true intentions until her waster of a husband has left No 10 and stopped selling out to anyone in order to 'build up his political legacy', so we're safe for a little bit.

Can anyone tell I'm not a 'BLair-ite'? :roll:
It's not as if it was her decision to make though. When you're as popular as a fart in a space-suit the writing is pretty much on the wall from the start.
the Wide-Mouthed Frog said:
Mrs Blair said: "I don't want to duplicate something my husband's done. I've got plenty of things I want to do in my own right."
So, whilst she isn't planning to be the worst Prime Minister for a very long time indeed, she still has things to do; ripping off more charities, more freeloading, more bogus 'First Lady' speeches, possibly?
Cherie Blair has firmly ruled out launching a career in politics after her husband Tony leaves Downing Street.
But Mrs.Blair hasn't ruled out launching a career in politics before her husband Tony leaves Downing Street.
She has pursued a successful career as a human rights lawyer and part-time judge and has tried to keep her own political views out of the spotlight.
Hahahahahahahahaha! Ha! Ha. 8O

Edit because I've now read:

But speculation she might enter politics after Mr Blair steps down as prime minister before the next election was fuelled when former US President Bill Clinton said that he would support her if she ran for power.
So bloody what! Since when has Bill Clinton had any impact on British politics aside from his role as Chief Appeaser to the IRA?
In other news: I am announcing my retirement from international football.
She has pursued a successful career as a human rights lawyer
Whether her law career is successful depends upon your viewpoint; she has been associated with some major cases that were lost. She still got paid, of course, so I suppose that means she was successful - it was just her clients that suffered.

She really is the most money-grabbing, freeloading, nausea../ cont. on P94
It is nice to see that I'm not the only one who thinks she's a freeloading, money grabbing, waste of space willing to sell out for fame and fortune, who's married to the same.
Of course she won't go into politics - Cherie is a very busy women. What with ripping of cancer charities, book deals, the lecture circuit etc, I'm surprised she has any time left to defend terrorists and kiddie-fiddlers!
She would suck Satan's c""k if the price was right.

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