Cherie: Female shortlist policy is vital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, May 17, 2005.

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    The Telegraph story:

    Forgive me my cynicism, but in view of the control freakery exhibited by her bedmate and his band in recent days my blood is still bubbling. This ghastly creature really, really doesn't see the irony in her remark that:
    Cherie, we know that you're a grisly "Socialist", and we know that you cherish 'Control'. We just wonder whether you understand the meaning of "Democracy"?
  2. So basically what Cherie is saying is that women are incapable of competing equally with men in this area, and they need positive discrimination?

    Way to go setting back the cause of feminism 30 years!
  3. Got it in one, Roadki11. The poooor dears need Cherie's help.
  4. Who is she again? ohh a lawyer and WIFE of Twat Tony. Where does she figure as an elected representative?

    Ohh sorry forgot, it is the peoples paradise, forwards not backwards :x
  5. Er, who ever voted for her?

    As somebody who epitomizes the sleazy, cronie-dependent culture of Neu Arbeit I think this is a bit rich.

    Bugger off love, and put the kettle on.

  6. Why the fukc isnt she at Tescos. Cnut.
  7. Well we didn't elect her so I don't know why she opens her mouth so much. She shouldn't be a political figure, she is only married to one. This is one of the most stupid things I've heard a public figure say, even counting all the stuff Cherie B has said before.

    To drive home WB's point, if the selection of me to become Lord High Ruler of the British Isles doesn't happen naturally, we're going to have to help it along.

    As an aside, women in Kuwait have now got the vote. Hurrah!
  8. Can't somebody shut that freakshow up?

    All she is there for is to look good (!?) next to tony. No one wants her opinions on anything.

    She is setting feminism, amongst other things, back years. If you can't compete on the current climate be shouldn't make it easier. What next? Deaf, mute retards in parlimmant. How many of those do we have, yet how bigger percentage of the community do they make up? We'll have Chavs next!!!

    By the way, did any one know that the person behind the suffergette movement was a bloke? It was doing alright, moving along nicely, nothing extreme, just reasonable debate, then he died.

    I think his two daughters took over then, that was when they chained themselves to raillings and one threw herself in front of the Kings horse (and died).

    There's probably a moral in there somewhere!!!

    If Maggie T can fight her way to the top, yes the top of the Tory party, surely the labour party can find some suitable candidates that make the grade without all this carry on!!!

    Maybe Baroness Thatcher could start her own training academy for "Ladies of intelligence who wish to enter politics, and advance through their own merit", cherie can run one "wimmin who want to be in power, cos they're half the population!!!", oh, nearly forgot, "GIRL POWER!!!!!"
  9. Reading on down the Torygraph comment columns this morning, I think I've found what I was wanting to articulate myself but that bugger Steyn's done it first:

    Steyn. Outstanding but Canadian.
  10. All i'm going to say is welldone Peter Law. A labour MP with a scrap of common sense.

    The worst thing was that the labour propoganda machine tried to label him as sexist and old-fashioned. Whatever happened to the best candidate for the job? :roll:
  11. Who does she think she is? The PM. Who really wears the trousers in her house? Phoney Bliar of course but.. she tells him the colour.

    Stick to making ring tone comercials woman!!
  12. "Mrs Blair said she was "very sad about what happened in Wales".

    Yes luv with a husband like yours you have the right to be SAD.
    PS. Euan joined up yet to fight papas wars ?
  13. well considering the tiny number of female mpin parliment compared to the population.
    maybe cherie has a point its not like female MPS are going to replace the next churchill are they?
    when you look at the other partys natural talent has'nt got women that far it may be crude and unfair but its getting the desired result more women in parliment now if we could get a few more people who had had real jobs in there instead of just teachers social workers and lawyers the place might be a bit better
  14. Is some wifey wearing the husband's rank again? :roll:

    If Madame wants to have a say, why doesn't she stand for election? Oh, I forgot, she was defeated last time. So it looks like she has to carry on using her marriage as a platform.

    And don't the electorate get a say? If they want a candidate they will vote for them. Like they did in Blaenau Gwent!
  15. As for WMF standing for election, I recall reading that they agreed only one of them could - even though she was the better candidate.

    Perhaps she could see he would never make money as a lawyer, so sent him into politics.