Cherie braced for pop success

From BBC:

An impromptu sing-song by Cherie Blair to Chinese students has become a surprise dance hit among British clubbers in Ibiza and Cyprus.
The prime minister's wife gave a karaoke rendition of The Beatles' hit When I'm 64 in Beijing last month.

Her efforts have been remixed into a dance track, which is proving a hit in night clubs in Ibiza and Cyprus.

Music experts predict it could storm the UK's pop charts.

A spokesman for Radio 1 in Ibiza told the Independent newspaper: "The sample has serious novelty value.

"It's a catchy tune and an eccentric performance.

"When people realise it's Mrs Blair, it is difficult to know how they will react, but it is set to be red hot this summer."

The Balearic island of Ibiza and the resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus are at the forefront of the European dance scene.

Ibiza DJs could propel Cherie into the charts
Popularity on the dance scene often leads to mainstream chart success.

Cherie stepped in to help her husband Tony Blair when he was asked to sing by students in the Chinese capital.

She sang one verse of the Beatles classic, which was reworked and then sent to key figures in the dance scene, the paper reports.

One of Tony Blair's predecessors as party leader, Neil Kinnock, once made it into the music charts.

He starred in Tracey Ullman's video for My Guy's Mad at Me.

But Cherie's musical adventure is entirely inadvertent.

It is unclear whether she would be entitled to any royalties in the event of a chart success.
well since she a lawyer guess if the cheque dosent arrive she will sue :)


Kit Reviewer
But don't you wish that Carole Caplin, or whatever her name is, would tell her not to open her letter box mouth in public - lets face it Tony, you could have done a lot better.
Think he must have been absolutely wrecked at the time. Did you not see that picture of her after their first night at No.10 ? Talk about Nightmare on Downing Street !


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