Cherie Booth booed by victims families at Tory Conference

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Rights and Responsibilities!!!

    They all know the first part inside out however failed to read the second bit.

    What the fcuk did she expect?

    If you take away someones Human rights illegally you should be liable to have yours taken away lawfully. It seems simple to me.

    Allow me to join in "BoooooooO"
  2. That is the same argument used to justify state-sanctioned murder.
  3. So she turned up for an argument she knew she wouldn't win, nor one she was getting paid for, out of the blackness of her heart? Scargill turned up at a anti-global warming camp recently. I think he's a cnut, but I'll give him credit for having a stab.
  4. Anyone attempting to stab those hippies would get credit from me as well.
  5. And it's a DAMN GOOD ONE!!
  6. I do have to agree with the logic offered by Mr Bowman. Whilst he is, obviously not impartial ,considering the horrendous acts committed against his young daughter, he certainly makes an excellent point:

    "those who commit inhuman acts have revoked their right to be treated humanely" (paraphrased)

    I truly am of a more "liberal" political leaning, but if there is such a clear-cut case and it is beyond doubt as to who has committed such a heinous act or acts, then they've stepped beyond their right to be protected themselves.

    It's always a debatable issue, but in cases like this? Throw him into a safari park covered in cuts and bruises, and let nature take it's course, hopefully to incredibly hungry lions...(Therefore preventing any one person being directly responsible for the death/mutilation of the convict)
  7. And a version of which was used to attack, invade and occupy Iraq - another adaptation of state-sanctioned murder!
  8. By defintion only works if you believe the people the Iraq war was launched against were within the realm on being contained without causing harm to anyone at all.
  9. Yep - Capital Punishment - "Get in there"
  10. Dont suppose anyone has A video link do they?
  11. If she believes in the 'sanctity of life' perhaps she'd care to explain why NHS patients are exempt from the Human Rights Act.

    This allowed the government to let women with breast cancer die for want of 20,000 quid of Herceptin while Abu 'Captain Hook' Hamza got over a million in legal aid to ensure his right to a fair trail, as guaranteed by the HRA.

    Where was the right to life for those women and why were the lives of 50 of them less important than an islamofascist's right to a top defence QC?
  12. i'd love to take a sh*t in her hand bag.... and then swipe her one across the gob. she has a special place in Lucifers 'Sybian Room'......
  13. WTF does the above mean really?

    Do you understand what murder is?

    Do you understand what justice is?

    C0cks like you live in infinite bubbles of pretend reality where we all live together in harmony and if anyone has any problems "I am sure we could talk it through".

    The world is not like this, it is sometimes a bad place with bad people in don't you know....

    I just wish that we could live out some of Douglas Adams ideas and you lot would be on the first "ship" out of here.
  14. [​IMG]

    How the hell could a bloke (Big Tony Bliar) have onced looked accross a bar and thought she is fit??? how can a man with these shit decision skills have run the country for so long