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Cherie Bliar investigated by police

The Dear Leader's wife has been investigated by police in Scotland following an incident at a school sports event.

BBC News linky.

It seems a teenager made a 'rabbit's ears' gesture behind Mrs Bliar, who responded as if about to slap him, and was reported.

Apparently the matter is now closed with no further action to be taken. Shame - I was so looking forward to the "It's official - Cherie's a slapper" headlines...
Her previous investigation by the Police involved fare dodging on the London Underground some time ago - she failed to purchase a ticket for her journey apparently.
At the end of the day, she is a very clever woman with a good job. She is not one of these big brother morons or a page 3 stunner i know but she is from pretty much a nothing background and has married Bliar not because he was the prime minister but because she obviously wanted too. Ok she makes a few quid from speaches etc but wouldn't you? Believe me, i think blair is cnut, i did 7 op tours when i was in, all doing that tawts dirt work, but in my opinion she has done ok 4 herself, thats it!
Mag_to_grid said:
but in my opinion she has done ok 4 herself, thats it!
Aye She's alright Jack!

Do not forget the amount of public money she consumes, far above that of previous PM's wives - because she believes that she is a presidents wife. She also encourages Our Dear Leader in his delusions.
Don't forget she is one of these fcuking human rights lawyers who make millions from us taxpayers when the gov is trying to get rid of these cnuts from coming to our shores and also when the gov is trying to get rid from these shores she is stopping it


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Iolis said:
Her previous investigation by the Police involved fare dodging on the London Underground some time ago - she failed to purchase a ticket for her journey apparently.
Pity she didn't jump the barrier dressed in a long black coat...........

''Six detectives were sent to investigate after officials from the Child Protection in Sport Unit complained to police''

The Child protection in sport unit? SIX detectives turned up?
Words fail me
The knife capital of Europe and they can send 6 scuffers to investigate a comedy slapping routine
''Glasgow more stabs than a TA conference''
Shocking Why is it when ever a 'name' is involved the police turn up mob handed yet you tell them that there is a peado next door annoying your kids and two pcso's will wander past once a month
I picked up on that too. 6 Police officers. What were they thinking the worst possible scenario could be if something kicked off? Cheri Blair throwing her fists about? The 17 year old boy making rabbit gestures to te Police too? In either scenario, back up would have been needed I'm sure.


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I'm surprised only 6 turned up.

I am sure that nearly every copper in Glasgow (and the country) would love to arrest the First Lady, oops sorry, wife of the Prime Minister.
Perhaps the police sent six detectives just in case the WMF wanted to make a counter-allegation that the 17-year old had committed a serious crime under some Neu Arbeit law - reading out names of dead servicemen, perhaps, or supporting country sports.

I suspect, however, that this is just another demonstration of this foolish woman's talent for committing public gaffes.
Yes she is the daughter to a wide mouthed actor! Where do you think Tony get's all his emotional acting tips from? The exagerated open hand gestures are a classic!
I was flicking TV channels late on Friday night (not looking for late-night soft pornography, but trying to drink away the pain of acute sinusitis) and flicked to some teachers' channel. Lo and behold, the Wicked Witch's human rights lecture to schoolchildren was featured. I managed to avoid this ghastly item (in future years, the telescreens will make this compulsory viewing on pain of execution) through fear of damaging my TV with a thrown wine bottle. However, it may have been worth perusing to see if she slapped any kids. It would be of great amusement if further incidents came to light (kids have such imaginative minds) and the Wicked Witch found herself barred from working with children! :twisted:

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