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cherie blair's sister goes bankrupt owing her £15k

This has to go in the NAAFI bar I suppose.

Lauren Booth is bankrupt and owes her sister Cherie Blair £15,000 | Mail Online

I particularly savoured this bit...

‘Cherie was adamant it would be strictly a short-term loan till her sister could get back on her feet. Cherie had a lawyer draw up a contract which stretched to *several pages and insisted *Lauren sign it before she wrote out the cheque.
I do that with my family as well... Big beleiver in if you can't afford to lose it, don't fcuking lend it.
Why doesn't she just steal it from the tax payer like her fucking rancid hatchet faced gargoyle head theiving cunt sister. 60 thousand quid for her kids paddling pool indeed. Fecking scum whore!
Didn't think the religion of peace allowed bankruptcy?
IIRC there is something about not repaying a debt results in not being able to enter paradise. Which is maybe not such a problem if you are a woman because it appears you get bugger all once you are there.

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