Cherie Blair's half-sister is barking.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  2. I wouldn't call her barking, just a complete ****ing idiot.
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  3. I saw the conspiraloon website she shared the other day and it's a truly scary look into the mind of the brain damaged who would once have been safely locked away from society while normals paid sixpence to poke them with sticks.
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  4. Unfortunately this type of dementia seems to be particularly prevalent amongst converts to the "religion of peace".

    Oh and I really don't care if my opinion is offensive and will accept any sanction thrown at me.
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  5. Can we not deport her to a country where her views are welcome as they are not here!
  6. Surely you mean "The human rights act".
  7. No mate that is an entirely different bag of shite.
  8. Curiously the pre blast photo's of Jeff Bauman show him complete to CES, not diffy Legs (Propelling) 2.
  9. Nah.

    The black helicopters, NWO, FEMA Camps, HAARP wx control, "Chemtrails", Lizard men, MJ12, Illuminati and other extensive bollocks of a tin foil hatty nature emanate from damaged minds which are (at least nominally) WASP.

    The beardies are too busy talking to Allah. But sure never let a bit of common sense and giving the matter a second's thought get in the way of a xenophobic rant.
  10. I bet family gatherings are fun......

    The mad sister in law dribbling at the dinner table with her head wrapped up in a towel pointing at Tony and mumbling David Kelly David Kelly............
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  11. Hardly xenophobic when talking about natives of this fair land that have gone over to the other side.
  12. Not to mention Blair's Father-In-Law.
  13. Xenophobia may be applied to a fear something or someone which is strange or different as well as the literally foreign. Which is why I used that term rather than racist or sectarian. In any case, the fact remains that the allegation that those who are fond of Allah constitute the majority of conspiraloons is, at best, somewhat dubious. I prefer to think "complete bollocks".

    But crack on.
  14. Fair enough, each to their own, and I think on this one we will have to agree to differ.
  15. Bit dramatic.

    Martyr walt.