Cherie Blair Teases ARRSE

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. The bitch - when I saw 'Widow's Day' I thought for one glorious moment that Teflon Tony had shuffled off his mortal coil and gone to report in to his boss down below, but sadly that's not the case.
  2. Ah, the African Goat Initiative, it makes a few people very wealthy and lays waste the land all around, impoverishing the majority. You can see why it would appeal to the architect of New Labour.
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  3. .......................................What a horrible ugly old bag!

    Anybody that would shag her, is just too lazy to have a ****!!!!!
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  4. By the looks of her, you'd think she'd been snogging an angle grinder!
  5. Typical clueless townies.You don't herd goats,you lead them.
  6. I'm hoping Andrew Marr tears her husband a new one this morning.
  7. Red Andy as he was known at Oxford is unlikely to bring you joy. I remember a story about Marr being debagged at Balliol.
  8. I can always live in hope.

    It's got to be better than N Yorks, it's pissing it down again.
  9. Andrew Marr will give him an easy time. Marr is a labour luvie who writes revisionist history in labours favour. It's a right load of bollocks too. Marr is married to Guardian journo Jackie Ashley who is another Labour luvie. She sometimes does political programs on Radio 4 and a guest on a few occasions has been the TV political correspondent Andrew Marr, her husband. *******.
  10. Perhaps someone should tell Alice Miles and her sprog about this.
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  11. His Lordship obviously picked the celebs to make the goats look good.

  12. I don't understand pollytics, I have a boy with a degree in it for that, but if I hear "deconstruct/reconstruct" one more time, I might have to throw a shoe at the telly.

    Do you reckon Hague could take him in a scrap?
  13. If you ever hear your lad talk about taking 'a normative approach' to some or other aspect of politics, I strongly advise you to stab him in the face, at once.
  14. Correction. Marr USED to be married to Jackie Ashley. Marr went to the high court to get a gagging order about his then affair with Alice Miles.
  15. I just stick my fingers in my ears and "La, la, la" him and ask him can we put Eastenders or a dvd of Gilmore Girls on. That always gets the dishes washed and the ironing done.

    (Did that ****** just say "Public Serviceperson?)