Cherie Blair raises questions over Iraq war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Cherie Blair raises questions over Iraq war
    Cherie Blair raised questions about her husband's passionate advocacy of the Iraq war, describing the invasion a ''51-49'' decision.

    Published: 2:47AM BST 11 Oct 2009

    Tony and Cherie Blair purchased a four-bedroomed, three-bathroom mews house for £1.13m last month Photo: EDDIE MULHOLLAND

    The former Prime Minister's wife made the controversial comments during an appearance at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.
    They came just a day after Tony Blair was berated for having ''blood on his hands'' by a father who lost his son at the start of the military campaign.

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    Mrs Blair reportedly told the audience that Mr Blair had been far from sure he should authorise British participation in the war in 2003.
    But the ex-premier was adept at seeming certain of a decision, even when he knew the arguments were finely balanced, she said.
    ''A lot of the time these choices are not clear cut,'' Mrs Blair said.
    ''They are not black and white. Instead of being 80-20, many of them are actually more like 51-49.
    ''When taking those decisions, Tony is able to step back, absorb all the information and then choose.
    ''He is also very good at then convincing everybody else that it was a 70-30 decision all along.
    ''I think it (the Iraq war) was one of those 51-49 questions.''
  2. A bit fcuking late is she not?
  3. People actually went to listen to this shite?

    Voluntarily? 8O
  4. Apparently they pay, too.

    I personally think it's not so much to hear what she says as to see for themselves that there is truly a human being with mouth the size of a whale shark's.
  5. I think that this is some sort of ploy thing. The decision to be made was obvious, it wasn't 70-30 or 51-49, it was 100-0 and the wrong decision was made (maybe not the wrong one for the Blairs, cos they got their green card to live in the US and Bush gave Blair an award)
  6. I don't believe a word of this. Reports at the time stated that your man Phoney Tony was "very excited about going to war". I reckon he'd already set his heart on it and was only worried about how he could sell it convincingly to others.

  7. The only time I'd volunteer to be in the same room as that woman is on the day of her execution. :evil:

    And that's only if I was'nt beaten to it by several thousand ARRSEr's! :twisted:
  8. Jebus... rats/sinking ships?

    I do hope so! :twisted:
  9. She needs to apply binary to the decision.

    This is no doubt the slimey fecker moving away from his past in an attempt to freshen up the image prior to an assault on Europes top slot

    Surely the logic is all wrong, especially coming from a lawyer. More doubt ie 50/50 should mean you would be less likely to risk a decision to go to war. Or am I bone

    Getting the mother of his children to front up bullsh!t like this just shows the measure of the man and for all her QCing highlights what a feckwit the WMF is :x
  10. What she said was somewhat contradictory.

    As well as being a load of shite.
  12. I do think Tone Dear Tone should stand trail on Arrse and we'll see if hr gets a 49/51 verdict.

  13. Some reports say that the B'Liars are looking to buy a nice posh and expensive town flat in Paris...... or Bruxxelles..... just in case he becomes El Presidente..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. Pathetically too late...... This must be some sort of stunt to sell a upcoming book of hers. (to make yet another quick £ million)
  15. she should get her rat out in aid for h4h