Cherie Blair PR stunt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A_team_lewis, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. This will win the voters over. Look how the Prime Minister's wife's heart bleeds for the underdog, how willing she is to represent anyone, no matter what their age/colour/race/sexuality or religion, it's touching.

    On top of that, does this mean that a child whose religion is "Jedi" can come to school dressed as Luke Skywalker?
  2. Does Cherie Booth-Blair have a law practice in Luton?

    I'll leave you to join the dots

    Cherie Blair
    .A 15 year old , whose parents are no longer here.
    .The Muslim council of Great Britain
    The Muslim vote
    Cherie Blair.
  3. How can anyone think badly of Muslims, just because some of them killed over 3000 people in NY, the name of Islam; and planted bombs in Bali, Madrid and elsewhere, in the name of Islam; and killed God knows how many people in Afghanistan and elsewhere, in the name of Islam. Even now there are some who, despite being born in this country, which educates them, takes care of their health , pays their legal aid and just about everything else, are planning attacks against this country, in the name of Islam.

    I wonder if, as a devout Muslim woman, she would have been able to take a case about her rights to court in, say, Saudi, and be represented by a female barrister?

    Just glad to see there are no double standards, as usual.
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I think the judge should have sloped shoulders and ditched the case entirely. This, in my opinion, was a waste of time and money. If Ms Begum, or her parents had such a problem with the school why could they not go elsewhere? Does Luton only have one high school? Why should individual pupils dictate how the school will run, especially when
    Total arrse.
  5. The case was lost on a technicality, therefore the school did not actively discriminate against here because of her religion or religious dress.


    PS thanks to the mod that removed my post on this story, i was just about to when i noticed it had gone. Super-efficient mods again :D
  6. Well,my,my..

    whatever the young lady in question was wearing, it certainly didn't impede her acquiring a top education.. I am quite taken with her use of language and elucidation if, indeed, the quotes attributed to her are accurate..

    So nice to see a young person of any persuasion who can speak such eloquent and erudite Queen's English and not come beofe the media with..
    " right, th' judge tol' the school to naff off, an I'm for it.. so's I'm wearing my stuff an yous all can stuff it. "

    Funny how she couldn't accept the dress code approved by the Council of Muslims [ I thought adherence to the words of Allah as proclaimed and interpreted by the Imams was only right and proper for a dutiful daughter of Mohammed?]

    And, as for Jedi Knights in school.. Go for it!.. 20,000 people in Canada wrote that on their last census as ' Religion '...Government has accepted that as valid..Still the top two over here are RC and None..can't say as I like the None Churches, though, very drab.. and lousy music, too...
  7. Most impressed with the young ladies political speech carefully read from notes and supervised by the weird bloke who loomed over her on all the news reports. Seems the coverall dress was her interpretation of Koranic edict which is not specific. Of course, it is the same faith that will possibly see her married to a bloke she has never seen before he wedding day. He will take her away and unwrap her whole body. If he is really traditional, he will expose the bloodstains on the bridal bedding so as to demonstrate her virtue.
    Funny old thing religion.
  8. She's lucky, some Muslim countries don't allow women to be educated.

    Is that dress she's fighting for really mandated by the Koran (Qur’an, Alcoran)? I've heard it isn't. Along the same lines of denying women education isn't.
  9. Quite true. I wouln't worry. If she is as devout as she wants to make out she will be married off to an illiterate, non-English speaking peasent in a year and be restricted to the house whislst being beaten black and blue. Or am I just being cynical?
  10. Christ, is it just me or does this shite just wear you down. For all its faults Britain (and other western countries) makes a genuine attempt to adapt and intergrate immigrants into society. The vast majority of immigrants have like-mindedly adapted their traditional livews to settle in their new country. Yet it is these minor 'I'm making a stand', 'using your own legal system against you' situations that create a disproportionate reduction of the British culture.

    State run schools should be supported for their efforts to establish a degree of discipline amongst children through things like dress codes. Even the court agreed but still the council is going to advise schools to be even more understanding to religious needs. It seems to me the school had already consulted widely and gained all the agreement necessary.

    When will someone have the balls to say enough is enough. The dress code is not unreasonable. If you don't like it buggir off.

    There, I'm all warmed up now. Off to the NAAFI.
  11. her brothers a wouldbe ayattolah only won on a technicality she's gone to another school. its the culutral equilient of being banned for wearing beckhams latest stupid haircut. should never have got to court .
    stroppy cow should be sent to muslim equilent of brat camp (':twisted:')
  12. Funnily enough, that brat camp's methods are also being displayed on channel 4........!
  13. I suppose after this legal Precedent, we cannot be charge for incorrectly dress any more, right?
  14. When she was making her speech did anyone hear what the male in the street was shouting?
  15. :"Get back in that kitchen"?