Cherie Blair has miscarriage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Aug 6, 2002.

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  1. I (genuinely) feel sorry for the poor woman (although this is probably the excuse that Tony has been looking for to have the countryside tarmac'ed over as an intrinsically unsafe and barbaric place).

    But this means........they've been having sex!  I mean, Tony Blair....and Cherie Booth.....shagging........each other! (sorry, slipped into Ma_Sonic style dot dot dots there).  Bleurg!  Ick!  Damn!

    That can't be right?  Surely?
  2. Damn isn't a swearword, God damn it!
  3. We were just discussing that in my office - the idea that they have sex.  eeeek!  Must be like bonking a letterbox.
  4. On one level i have no wish to know about this because it is intensly private and none of my business.

    On another level I do not wish to know because I detest the man and have no desire to know more about him than decency says I must.
  5. Yes, but hang on, Forces_Sweetheart reckons TB (the Prime Minister rather than the disease, although there is not much to choose between them) is hung like a letterbox (presumably one of the old fashioned pillar box type ones).  Aren't you at least curious as to how she came by this piece of int?

    Eeuurk!!  God knows why I did that.  That's an image that'll stay with me all day.
  6. Its a terrible thing to happen to anyone but at 47 years of age surely Mrs Blair understands that having a baby at her age could kill her, as a very learned barrister she must have some modicum of common sense and an understanding for the need for contraception!
  7. 1) I meant she has a mouth that makes her look like a letterbox, not that he is hung like one...

    2) He came 'out' as a Catholic last year and so presumably contraception is no-go and they are not withdrawing as they should ever time!!!!
  8. I better not hear him going on at unmarried mothers again if thats his stance on contraception......then again, like I didn't know he's a hypocritical ****!

    Letterbox, its a parcel slot!!
  9. Shame that it has all gone quiet on the 'what does John Prescott actually do?' campaign.  The Daily Mail got it going and the Tories raised a PMQ but it's all quiet now.  He is a one-man reason why no one should vote new labour.
  10. I think his primary role is to keep out of sight, like some hideously disfigured older brother kept in the basement, so as not to spoil the Neu Arbeit image.

    The Royal family has to make plans so that the monarch and the heir never travel on the same 'plane; do you suppose that Labour (or is it Labor now) have a department that prevents John Prescott and Cherie Booth/Blair ever appearing in the same camera shot together in case it induces mass nausea across the country?   :eek:

    Sorry about the letterbox missunderstanding FS.  I've always thought that her mouth looks like the the header of a combine harvester.   The thought of all those independently moving teeth puts the wind right up me!
  11. Good theory!   So could he be a sort of 'Ruprect' type (as in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' - not to be confused with ruperts.. he hee)?

    His contuing pressence as a cabinet minister is an insult to the nation.
  12. Exactly the chap; although I was actually thinking more of my own childhood. ;)

    At least Prestcott is less of an insult than Keith Vaz or Steven Byers were and, crucially, he is more of a hazard to Neu Arbeit than he is to us.  (At least, now that they have woken up to what a dangerous liability he is and won't let him run anything important, like transport - God, what a success THAT was.)

    Watching him blunder from cock-up to cock-up gives me hope for the future. :D
  13. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Terrible though a miscarriage is, the truly frightening thing about all this is that although our beloved Fuhrer wants us to trust him with the decision as to just how and when he will sacrifice troops to back up George Dubya's "regime change" mania, he plainly can't even be trusted with something as simple as a condom.   :eek:
  14. TB can't have "come out" as a Catholic, he was never baptized in the RC rite, and has never undergone the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (converting) which is how an adult is received into the church. In fact, Cardinal Hume banned him from receiving holy communion in the Catholic church because he has never become a catholic, nor made any profession of faith in the Catholic doctrine.