Cherie Blair gobs off yet again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheLordFlasheart, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. BBC news

    Will someone shut this hag up?

    I can see a conflict of interests here.

    Human rights, my arrse.
  2. 8O must be great fun in their house!!!
  3. Are we paying ?? Or is she being paid by some gang of muppets to gob off to our detriment?
  4. Funny, I don’t remember ever voting for Cherie or her being a member of a political party.

    I’m all for human rights and I’m all for defending the weak, but anyone who is even remotely involved in terrorist activities on the scale of the London bombings, the twin towers, the suicide bombings in Iraq, etc. forfeit their human rights in my opinion.

    Terrorists who appear to be moments away from killing innocents need to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
    Terrorists who are captured alive need to be interrogated until they give up all relevant information.

    Terrorists have no human rights.
  5. Lets see Mr Bliar makes the laws (for which we pay him)
    Mrs Bliar challenges the laws for which she gets paid
    Mr Bliar modifies the laws (for which we pay him)
    Mrs Bliar challenges the modifications for which she gets paid

    anyone see a pattern/perpetual motion developing?
  6. Ugly and stupid, the double whammy...
  7. If Cherie had a brain she might be dangerous. She stops focussing on money-grubbing off the back of her role as "first lady" (sic) and opens her gob to spew out some alarming lawyerly liberalities. The human rights lawyer as a species is a disturbing evolutionary trend indeed. Their focus on rights, which I have always believed were actually privileges awarded for conforming to and upholding the system, ignores circumstances, critical imperatives and belongs in the debating club of a left-wing university.

    Using the Missus for focus group sampling now?
  9. Will he pompously wag the finger at her in the same way that he patronised the world at his press conference?

    I doubt it, otherwise the prime ministerial plums won't be banging the chin of that pillar-box mouth for a while....
  10. sort-of quote from Tony "The world woke up to terrorism after 9/11, but some pwople seem to have rolled over and gone back to sleep".

    Was he getting at someone, and does anyone know a good divorce lawyer ?.
  11. I love that quote.

    So the Germans woke up to terrorism ? French? , Russians?, Spanish?, India? Pakistan? Japan? Indonesia? Israel? Lebanon?

    All of those countries and more experienced terrorism prior to 9/11.

    Are you sure you didn't mean AMERICA Prime Minister?

    Or should the quote more accurately read "America woke up to the danger of having a policy that indirectly or directly supported disparate groups that could one day turn round and bite you on the arrse"

    As for going back to sleep? No , try , "buried head in sand and continued previous policies , because the other arrsecheek hasn't been bitten yet."
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In many ways I agree with the square mouthed hag.

    Perhaps she will get the message through to her husband that his ID cards will achieve nothing except the alienation of a large part of the population and an infringement of human rights.
  13. Everytime she talks annoys me.

    I'm not saying that women don't have a role in society, etc. or that she shouldn't have an opinion but she is the PM's wife. Which means, IMHO, that for the duration of tony's rule she keeps it zipped. She opens a few garden fetes, maybe visits a few sick children in hospital. She doesn't start giving speaches that undermine the governments position or use her position to make cash.
  14. Human rights.
    the pople who demand these forget JFK s words
    Ask not what your cuntry can do for you but what YOU can do for your cuntry.
    Few seem to be ex service men or folk who have given.