Cherie and Tony and Jack the danger of trusting police inquiries

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Do you remember the idea that people could be detained having never committed a crime ?

    Michael Stone | Levi Bellfield and the Chillenden Murders

    Well maybe the trio of deranged lawyers should think on.

    Murder suspect Ivan Esack had personality disorder and thought he could be PM: Court

    He quit police disliking the politics of Kent Police but fancied himself as a Prime Minister or Nelson Mandela. James Bond watch to impress as a Kent Dc ?

    BBC News - Two Kent Police officers to face charges over restraint death

    Two Kent Plod to face trial for restraint death/

    'Help! My daddy's trying to hurt me' | Mail Online

    Don't know if this hammer wielding Kent Police murderer was in the Chillenden area 1996 ... you may feel it is more likely that Levi Belfield was thereabouts ?

    or maybe this fella policing the Thanet area 1996 ?

    BBC News | UK | 'Bully' police driver jailed

    Remember him who thought of himself as a "Thanet street warrior". What a team the wannabee Nelson Mandela and the self styled street warrior would have made alongside Inspector Gadget.

    But what is worrying is that a real Prime Minister wanted to abandon Magna Carta and introduce incarceration without a crime or a trial based largely on the work of the bunch of clowns in Kent Police ?
  2. *sigh*
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  3. OK. I am not shy to admit. I am ******* confused.

    Translation please.
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  4. Wibble.
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  5. No one here cares about Kent Police. They're a fine bunch though, infallible and trustworthy to a man.
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  6. OK. That explains a couple with huge amounts of dough in the coffers and a recent recognition from HMQ to boot,

    but the rest of the fanny batter?
  7. I ******* knew I shouldn't heave read this thread!
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  8. It's like reading ideas for a soap opera script... but much, much, much sh1tter.
  9. Step away from the crack pipe, post 'tings in the morning when things are clearer...................
  10. A young Kent plod turned up at my front door.He was lost and needed directions to Ashford.I am in East Sussex,eight miles from the Kent border.
  11. Never mind all that, isn't it time they let Mahmoud Mattan out?