Cherie and Tony and Jack the danger of trusting police inquiries

Do you remember the idea that people could be detained having never committed a crime ?

Michael Stone | Levi Bellfield and the Chillenden Murders

Well maybe the trio of deranged lawyers should think on.

Murder suspect Ivan Esack had personality disorder and thought he could be PM: Court

He quit police disliking the politics of Kent Police but fancied himself as a Prime Minister or Nelson Mandela. James Bond watch to impress as a Kent Dc ?

BBC News - Two Kent Police officers to face charges over restraint death

Two Kent Plod to face trial for restraint death/

'Help! My daddy's trying to hurt me' | Mail Online

Don't know if this hammer wielding Kent Police murderer was in the Chillenden area 1996 ... you may feel it is more likely that Levi Belfield was thereabouts ?

or maybe this fella policing the Thanet area 1996 ?

BBC News | UK | 'Bully' police driver jailed

Remember him who thought of himself as a "Thanet street warrior". What a team the wannabee Nelson Mandela and the self styled street warrior would have made alongside Inspector Gadget.

But what is worrying is that a real Prime Minister wanted to abandon Magna Carta and introduce incarceration without a crime or a trial based largely on the work of the bunch of clowns in Kent Police ?

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