Cherie and Euan - renting out the cellar?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Read more: Cherie Blair and Euan Blair investigated over claims they breached planning rules by sub-letting basement of £1.3m Marylebone home | Mail Online
  2. Schadenfreude German [ˈʃaːdənfrɔydə] n delight in another's misfortune [German: from Schaden harm + Freude joy]
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    Daily Heil story = Int Cell.
  4. Blair is above the law.
  5. WMF musta got the smell of extra dosh on the breeze, avaricious cow.
  6. As said above, this reptilian war-criminal and his pug ugly spouse are above our laws. Can he and his hideous tribe not understand how hated and thoroughly despised he and they are?

    How much does this snuffling trougher's security cost us the tax-payers? anybody know how we can get this information and compare it with the security costs for Lady T and Sir John Major?

    PS: No, I did not forget any living ex prime minister. I don't count failed psychotic oafs.
  7. No one would dare attack Broon. They would be seen off in a hail of soiled adult nappies, mobile phones & office equipment :wink:
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  8. His security costs us £Millions and is far in excess of that accorded to any previous or even current PM.

    Tony Blair costs British taxpayers £6m a year to protect - Telegraph


    Blair Mansions where even the neighbours can't park.
  9. Shocker. Son of greedy, grasping, oily ********* turns out to be a greedy, grasping oily ********.
  10. The beloved used to live round the corner from Connaught Square (not in a £1M+ property) and I know the area fairly well. From a security point of view I cannot fathom why the Blairs chose to buy in an area that is effectively a 'little Arabia'.
  11. Bold: Dont believe it there are still people who would vote for Blair and Brown tomorrow if they were up for election.

  12. Give the audience what they want. Apart from a baby.

    I'd imagine that both parents working is probably what is fcuking the country right up. I don't beleive it should be the Mum staying behind neccesarily, but one should. And we shouldn't have a society in which both parents have to work in order for the family to thrive...
  13. Typical, do both & do neither well :wink: