Cherche la femme......

How about a board dedicated to civvy girlfriends so you guys can tell us how much better we make your lives...?

Plus - I am new to this and would like tips on how to be most supportive - esp while my chap is on tour.

And don't laugh - I mean it!

Bad CO

For keeping his morale (!) up, may I recommend writing rude letters, sending red cross parcels and not shagging his mates.

P.S Remember I am the BAD CO!

Bad CO

Oh yes - civvy girlfriends, highly recommended because then you can pretend to be some sort of tom cruise/action man/war god type and they (probably) won't laugh at you.

This also works with RAF chicks!
Depends where he is.  Just keep writing to the guy, call him often, reassure the guy and dont shag his mates.

If he is in NI dont i repeat dont book a country walking holiday upon his return like a particular wife did in our regiment because he looked happy in the photos


War Hero
Hey Changer....

Get a life will you and pull that cap from your arse!  Nothing wrong with a bit of MORALE, is there??
In case your wondering, Morale means 'Fun/Laughter'.

Hehehe ;D ;D


War Hero
By the way, Should this post not be in the NAAFI bar rather than Arrse Admin and Suggestions???

Anyone Agree?? :p :p
Hey leeanne did i say anything was wrong with what you said or that i needed an explanation on what morale was????? no! i dont think i did, i have a perfectly good life thanx!!!! cheers ;D

Bad CO

This thread moved to where it belongs.


Swaying you're hips is all well and good! but should you be doing that if your bloke is away?
or is it on video to send to him to keep him happy in a tent with no power and twelve other blokes?
On video to keep the blokes out of the tent along with insect etc, so he can knock one out to the Holly Vallance calendar ;D


Write to him ...........often, send underwear dirty or clean your choice, and book yourself into a huge hotel 4 poster bed the works and shag his brains out........often
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