Cheque book for deployment

Wonder if anyone can help or has problems with this in the past.

I have been mobilised for H19 (TA) and am just trying to get all the needed bits and peices together before going.

I obviously require a cheque book to access my money in Bastion.

My type of account with santander doesnt have a cheque book facility and due to my credit rating I cant upgrade to the account that does.

I have called them and explained the situation but as they are simply reading from a script im getting no where with them.

I had planned on going into the bank with my deployment papers and a letter from my unit but dont want to waste my time if there simply going to say the same as those in the call centre.

Any advise would be much appreciated
Change banks.
For once I agree with the snail, go to another bank, explain your problem (ideally with supporting paperwork) and see how you go.


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Holts Bank will do an account for you that you pay a certain amount in each month and they will supply a cheque book. They are Forces Friendly and will happily accept that you will open the account before tour, use it and then close it after the tour.
if you didn't want to change banks, open a 2nd account (different bank) with a cheque book facility and transfer x amount from account 1 to account 2. Changing banks is fairly painless though and may be a better option.

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Take 50 quid cash and a few euros. You don't need much, unless you're a **** and/or RAF Regiment.

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