Discussion in 'Sappers' started by HEART_STOPPER, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Now some of the lads are mentioning JLRE now as any good BOBA would say Dover was a waste of a year and at least when we finished Chep we had a trade unlike those JL's who had a year of crap and the reward was a marginally lesser time at Gib.
    I spent 2 years at Chep 88 Sqn 88-90 and it was fantastic (well it was untill Knocker turned up as one of the RP staff which made going to the cashpoint a nightmare, youtherewhityedeingonyerbackdooonlegssixinchesraaaaaaaaaaaise!!!!
    But what a laugh and joking aside both places were fantastic and such a shame to see them closed down, so anymore ex AT's on here?
    Can you remember the rat race on a wednesday?
    The welsh stripey who was an ex diver and fuc*ing enormous so all our worries were for nothing.
    Capt Walker who called everyone snake eyes.
    That horrible adv trg with the fan dance
    The Welsh Guards RSM who shouted at the sky for it to stop raining and it did!
    The dic*shows!
    And countless other tales.
  2. OI! PIG!
    72C SG! :)
    That may open the doors to even older buggers to call me a pig....

    HeartStop - Good memories. When i get some time, I'll bore you with my strories.
  3. 82C A (Ford) Company - the intelligent part.

    Later returned as PS in 1991 - back to the same Company although it had magically morphed into 89 Trg Sqn.

    Generally,fond memories and certainly better than the Hitler Youth; a point which was proven when we slaughtered them (and the Adult Recruits) during the Log Race at Gib Barracks.
  4. 74B B Coy, with Scoffer Hardie Scots Guards as the CSM and Bert Carew as the workshop Sgt. must have enjoyed it because went back in 79 as Permanent Staff in HQ Coy, So who remembers the delights of the Bridge Inn, Sailor in the 5 Alls and the Fisherman in Sedbury.
  5. Did my trade coarse there instead of going to Chatham in 93, enjoyed every bit of it hardly any bull sh1t at all for us and all of the lovely young ladies down town :x :x
  6. 85-87 E Coy then 86 Sqn when it changed over.
  7. 87 Sqn, 89-91. Block 50 which I think has disappeared now.

    We had quite a few blokes joining us from Dover. Some good eggs, some not so good.... Geordie bloke, lungs on legs, that married a sloppo then got chucked out a few years later for cross dressing. And Glynn H***well, green to the core and still in today I think.

    Also remember not being allowed off camp unless wearing a shirt with a collar. Any shirt, footy top, polo shirt, normal shirt, and any colour, as long as it had a collar, something that's stuck with me even today! Going on the train to Barry Island for the weekend, marching and halting at the cashpoint outside the guardroom, hiding cars off camp because no car pass, etc etc. Probably the best couple of years of my life.
  8. 86 Sqn 89-91.

  9. I know a Glynn H from my B1 many moons back, if it's the same one I bumped into in Basra Palace couple of years ago as a BDO.
  10. Was in A Coy. 83-85.

    Took our lass to have a squint at the camp when we were on our way to Cornwall, she was overjoyed !!! Brought a shiver down my spine, the camp not our lass, she just makes my ears ache.
    The borstal loop looked much shorter than i remember , good god i must have been a realy lazy unfit Foook then.
    I remember a PTI called Earl who had a terrible accident and is now in a wheelchair, a real nice bloke but running up a hill one day he called me a useless piece of Phlem, inspiring or what !!

    Hey Ho Happy Days,

    also remember R**k M****n stabbing me with a 6mm chisel in the trade workshop and puncturing my lung, how we laughed on the way to Newport Hospital !! great lad for a Cockerneee

    Ahhh The Good Old days .......... :wink:
  11. 88 Sqn, 90 - 92. had a bit of a nostalgia trip with this thread i must say. remember being on ROP's (for getting a tattoo and getting caught) and there were a few of us on. One lad was given 10 minutes to get back to the block and sew a name tag on his cbt jacket. which he did. made it in time and everything (well, seemed like it). just a shame he'd sewn it on his waist pocket not the chest! hillarious. he actually burst into tears when he put the jacket on. oh, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end.....
  12. Lads got jailed for under age drinking (Hawkshaw was the boy ssm of 86 then sadly the poor bugger got run over outside waterbeach by an ambulance) 7 days for a third of a pint.
    Charlie Chan the PTI strutting around with his dettol badge even though he had never done the course.
    The horrors of the dickshow christ there was two sisters and a mate who were howling (please tell me no one married them)
    Oh and to staaken POG.
  13. C Coy 76c was I :D
  14. I remember playing football and every away match the rebel MC had to pinch a bike, every single time ffs.
    The mud runs under the bridge.
    The tattoo checks to make sure the underage children (pft) were'nt getting any.
    One of the lads dying on a motorbike making you realise that you wouldnt live forever (RIP mucka)
    Plastic pint pots to stop you glassing each other, come on BOBA's lets hear your tales.
  15. 88 Sqn 87-89.

    Charlie chan the 59 PTI. Well for the first couple of weeks anyway. Mud runs, what joy. Marching to the cashpoint, what a way to treat people.
    No booking out without a shirt and shoes.
    RP Cpl who was a complete knob. Joined plod IIRC.
    Capt Walker, legend. Fittest squaddie I'd met.
    Mr Pegler. Civvi PTI, who would thrash you in the pool for the whole PT lesson.
    Female Tp Comd. MMMMMMM. Had a thing with the Tp SSgt