Cheney Says He Urged Military Action Against Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. From one of our more notable "chickenhawks"--I do agree with him though about the CIA probe:
  2. It is high time Dick Cheney was assassinated.
  3. An unfortunate post. Special Lunch and MI Skive are now putting your entire life under a microscope. A report will be sent across the Atlantic and your rendition expedited.

    "Poor old Duffdike, whatever happened to him?"

    "Ah well, you see, he wasn't as harmless as people what's for dinner?"
  4. No.
    Arrested and charged will do for starters.
  5. I have seen that crowd before. Useless Walts themselves.
  6. The Government would never allow that to happen to a British citizen! 8O

    No, Duffdike will just take a walk in the woods and "commit suicide"... :twisted:
  7. You can just picture the scene. In the dying days of the Bush era, Cheney shares his pearls of wisdom on Iran, oblivious to the fact that the Sit Room table is now supporting the jaws of the rest of the NSC (for whom, up to that point, the most pressing concern was deciding into which box they would pack their Presidential Seal cufflinks).
  8. You know, it could have been a good call. Not much difference between Iran and Iraq, just the N and the Q.
  9. Okay, Dick, we hear you.
  10. Cheney may have been an advocate of action against Iran. He was stymied by a Pentagon both unwilling and unable to engage in a larger land war in the ME. He is also not a fool. He fully realized Pakistan and Saudi where the source of most threats to the US but sought post 9-11 closure in the relatively safe political option of Iraq. It was a bad choice but a pragmatic one.
  11. My underlining.

    Still no post 9-11 closure. Still in Iraq. Still in Afghanistan. Pakistan heading to ratshite. Saudi - who knows?

    Iraq wasn't a pragmatic choice, it was a deluded choice. A choice of fools seeking self-serving glory. And, as could be predicted, it's all gone completely pear-shaped.

    It wasn't a bad choice, it was god awful!

    Cheney was not a fool when you consider his personal position. Cheney was an utterly deluded fool to think Iraq intervention was in the US national interest. The US public were taken for fools and are paying the price. So where does that leave Smiler and the UK?
  12. Is there anywhere Cheney DIDN'T want to invade?
  13. 9-11 gave DC every excuse to seize the empty quarter and this was not done. I did say at the time we should be more concerned with Islamabad and Riyadh than the soft choice of Baghdad. That Cheney was not prepared to grasp those nettles in retrospect suggests caution, realism and a eye on the politically possible. I still think that was a fatal moment of weakness.
  14. His Wife's Cooochi!
  15. No comment now. But later maybe.