Cheney ordered CIA to hide plan

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. 'Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney gave direct orders to the CIA to conceal an intelligence programme from Congress, US media reports say.'

    That's strange, don't the CIA usually tell everyone what they're up to? :p

    Panette has said to have stopped it now though... perhaps it was missuse of money/resources? Or a secret crack-whore project for Cheney and his friends?
  2. I guess that would be this one.
  3. Bush/Cheney had a private Army then? Cheeky monkies!
  4. And I always thought that those Bourne books were fiction.
    Op Treadstone is apparently live and kicking.....
  5. wait a minute TMA, .......WEBB...... your real name is David WEBB.......
  6. Closer than many realise, part of the organisation is located in a joint UK / US unit close to a hilltop Caravan Park, somewhere in the East of England. It is known only to its members as "The Inactivity"
  7. I feel sorry for the special forces guys who were carrying out orders, without thinking whether they were lawful.

    They were the brightest and the best apparently - they just couldn't work out what would happen when there was a change of administration!
  8. Treadstone proved dissapointing and was shut down.
    Blackbriar on the other hand........
  9. i think the Waffen SS said much the same thing on their forum back in 1946 :)
  10. I don't want to pee on anyones fire, but the JSOC is subordinate to the USSOCOM and is answerable to a whole host of people, including Congress. Gen McChrystal was the previous head of JSOC and although it is a secretive organistation, it is not out of the Bourne Trilogy...

    The media have stated that in 2009 JSOC was commanded by a V. Admiral rank who did not put a stop to the JSOC but actually paused operations in Afghanistan because they were inadvertantly killing civillians. Operations have reportedly resumed.
  11. Well said,

    Hardly a shaddowy organisation with no accountability. That article is talking rubbish
  12. Nor do ICA !