Cheney and the Salafists


It would seem!

Why do is sense that the bush adminstration is detemined to make themselve the enemy is it to sow salt in the ground so deep that when they leave office then the new adminstration will be distrusted and by some hated even more?
Oh God here we go again. The enemies of your enemies are not necessarily your friends and supporting these nutters is like asking Harold Shipman to look after your mum!
Falls wrote:
Looks like the usual suspects (Cheney, Abrams et al) in the White house are at it again, supporting the same Salafist elements in Lebanon that they're fighting in Iraq.
Don't these imbecilic cretins ever learn ?
Whatever it is the cretins actually think they are doing is one thing. The actual effect of what they are doing is as always in the middle east - trying to herd cats.

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