Chemistry King or king idiot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. HERE

    ...seems like a really bright family :roll:
  2. Shes a looker :!:
  3. ain't dat the troof ;)
  4. Quite ironic really, she appears to have been blown up
  5. I think she's just got an inflated sense of her own importance.
  6. WTF did he get the money from if he is unemployed to "play at chemistry"?
  7. Wooton Bassett .... Say's it all really, and did you see the parents on the news? Jeeze.... Not an intelligent brain cell between them, no doubt the whole families on the benefits as well (enough money for the tabs though :x ) an advert for euthanasia if I ever saw one, shame the idiot didn’t set the whole lot off in one big bang....
  8. He had been inhaling "Arsenic" fumes for 3 hours, no wonder he was having problems with his ticker.

    Dumb Cluck :p
  9. Its not Machristo up to his old games again is it?