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Chemical ships???


Ok.. So I have been watching the news and SH is not prepared to go the UN path and he wants a debate with America... denied... and he refuses to rid of his al-samoud bomb thingies... s'getting a little scary now!!

AND THEN... i get myself in for a normal days work and the limited conversation (war, war, war, Trisha!! war) turns to these alleged 3 ships.   I didnt hear this on the news so can anyone enlighten me?

There is... somewhere.... 3 ships of SH's which is carrying a cocktail of let's-f**k-the-world chemicals!!  
If America shoots its load into Iraq, Saddarse Hussy is going to press some little red/pink/orange whateva!! button and blow these ships releasing god-knows-what and annahilate the earth of its living contents!!  Is this rumour true??  Why are we training big-headed people to watch the cameras and infra red thingies probing the earth and find this so-called ships?? Why do we not know the location of this metal of cocktail inhalational ingestible goodies?!!  :mad:

Hmm... what shall i do today... oh i think i'l rid of the human race for a laugh if those Americas p**s me off!!  My my im so good with mine ideas!! Hee hee!!

We have living beings on our lovely planet.  There's plently of planets with no living things. I'm sure SH and his followers would love the idea of spending the money not on bombs and the like but on a massive space ship to carry them to a planet called Uranus (suitable dont you think). 1) theres no living things... which is what he wants to do with this war and 2) theres no Americans
They could all move to Pluto!!!  

So... views please.  Coz I know im starting to talk b*ll*cks i'l go...  ;D chow babies!!

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