Chemical Cleaners.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Standing in our local supermarket the other day and checking out the whole aile of chemical cleaners that they were selling a disturbing thought occurred to me.
    All these chemicals are going to end up in our water system!
    The more i thought about this the worse it got as i also added prescription drugs into the equation esp hormone drugs such as H.R.T ect.
    So in conclusion their must be tones of hard chemicals going down our drain systems every day and in in every country in the world for that matter.
    This makes me wonder what the net result will be regarding life on earth!
  2. Well if your grandkids are born with gills you know why :p
  3. We're all going to get cancer and die.
    Have a nice day.
  4. They will all be cleaner.
  5. Constipation will likely be a thing of the past...
  6. And Unilever shareholders will become richer.
  7. I dont want to make it worse for you but..... In most places, the tap water you drink has already been drunk by numerous other people. In London for example, it has been calculated that the tap water will have been drunk 8 times bu different people before it finally gets to the sea. The average glass of tap water contains minute amounts of the following:
    Fluorine compounds
    Trihalomethanes (THMs)
    Salts of:

    And sometimes antibiotics, spices, herbs and phosphates.

  8. don't forget the DDT and diclofenic which do not degrade in the wild! Yahoo, we are all going to die and global warming will only take care of 7/8 of us!
  9. I cant remember the exact figures as it was a while ago i studied it. But when it hits the treatment plant a large amount of the chemicals are broken down by the processes in there. Most chemical plants have their own internal water treatment plants before hitting the main sewers/rivers to deal with really harmful chemicals and pollutants, if a refinery can clean its water then the systems can deal with most anything.

    Granted some do get through and the levels of pharmaceuticals are increasing due to increased usage/prescription and thats a worry. It has been found to have an effect in fish, but they are incredibly sensitive to water pollutants as they live in there and are actually used to test water purity in a lot of places. The effects on us or even the levels required to cause an effect are not known but are being studied. At what pace and to what result i dont know, but people are aware of and are studying just what your worried about.
  10. "Thames Water - just one glass gives you 95% of your RDA of heavy metals and alkanes"
  11. Have a look on the label, if there is a problem it should have a symbol like this:

  12. Is it true that Londoners drink their water from the Thames several times?
  13. Gosh, I don't know, you might have to do an awful lot of research to find that out, or just scroll up the page! :roll:
  14. Probably worth remembering that Thames Water is the name of the company, not the source of the product.