Chemical attack?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by poohyerpants, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. This morning at 0900 hrs, I went to my admin office, in order to hand in my MOD 90. Almost 33 years in uniform ended, when I signed a piece of paper, promising that I would not sell my "story" to the press.

    As I turned to leave the office I had an experience that forced me to instinctively reach for my respirator (only to remember that I had bequethed my kit to the lads, prior to taking terminal leave).

    My symptoms............Blurred vision.
    Runny nose.
    Aching throat.
    Difficulty in breathing.

    In addition, my legs steadfastly refused to propell me out of the Barracks gate.

    Was I the victim of a chemical attack?...... Has any other arser experienced similar?.... GIZAJOB.
  2. Nope you just experienced a "CIVVY ATTACK", Get yourself down the DSS, ask to sign on for incapacity, sick, DLA etc. Even better if you no speeky de lingo ask for a translator to do it for you.
    Then go home get out a medical symptoms handbook and match up any of your "symptoms" with a wide array of illness that will give you a right to dodge any further employment, watch daytime TV and not have to drag your arse from your scratcher till noon.
    For god sake dont tell them you have being employed for the last 33 years, contributed to the defence of the county or received nil benefit in that time, they will dig out a million and one reasons to stop you sitting on your arse.
  3. I am currently experiencing similar symptoms but not yet as advanced as yours. I expect to experience the full effects somewehere around July.
  4. did you have a curry last night? vis a vis bum mustard gas
  5. My experience was almost 8 years ago. It takes a year or so before the symptoms go away but it reamains an underlying condition.

    Incidently, when I had completed all the paperwork the civvy clerk said "Ok, that's everything Mr k13eod apart from your ID card" to which I replied "Oh, sorry ... lost it".

    "Oh" says she, "you could be charged for losing it". "Really?" says the newly appointed MR k13eod, "I suggest that you get your people to contact my people and we can sort something out".

    I then trudged out of the barracks for the last time clutching the one thing that I had dilligently carried without failure for the last 25 years. My bestest friend and memento!
  6. I experienced this in November and managed to keep my MOD F90, in fact as I was finishing in a crab camp I didnt dekit properly either...ebay-tastic
  7. Been out for a year and still have the symptoms. The clerks I think do a course in how to make you feel like you have lost your soul and you are now just low life ex mil. A bit like quiting smoking it takes a while before the symptoms fade. Best wishes for the future. :banned:
  8. I left in 95 and missed it a lot for the first year or so, I still miss it every now and then but from what I read here it is not the same army I served in.

    Underpaid - the pay gap grew too much!

    Under resourced and over committed by a BS government

    under equiped

    on the positive side, the army taught me to value important things and to be self reliant.

    Cant say the same for my civvy friends
  9. Remember the Civvydom Safety Rule.

    “If you:

    Experience boredom of any kind;

    Sight hostile or unknown low-earning students;

    See suspicious mistiness in the eyes, smoke even more than you used to, drop/let your guard down around blokes not in uniform and splash out on home furnishings because the missus wants to;

    Smell a rat when the boss tells you the overtime will attract time in lieu;

    Notice in yourself or others an inability to drink all night and still function the next day;


    Hear the alarming news that you don’t get sports afternoons and POETS days anymore;

    you should assume you are under Civvydom Attack and carry out the Civvydom Immediate Action Drill.”
  10. Similar situation but in the depot RE. I went to clothing store a few days before and asked for a list of exactly what they wanted back. Listed was about 50% of what they had actually given me which made up about 10% of what I had been issued, begged, stolen or borrowed over the years! No e-bay then so it all got bagged and is still in the attic .... maybe I should get it on e-bay now and offset this Christmas!

    Funny old thing, I did think that I could use combat trousers, smock etc for work/leisure as most civvies do ... in 8 years out I have never been able to bring mysef to don the green skin 'illegally' ... just never seemed right somehow!
  11. Well that's all well and good but what is the IA drill!!!

    T C
  12. The Civvydom Immediate Action Drill.

    1. Close your eyes to avoid seeing the way civvy's do things.

    2. Stop breathing, eating and sleeping the Army.

    3. Bend over at the waist to allow employers better access.