Chemical Ali Captured

Quote from BBC article:

"Al-Majid had been reported killed at the start of the war in Iraq, but coalition troops failed to find his body. "

Yanks obviously thought they had slotted him!!
Much as I enjoy a good bit of Yank (and for that matter, Frog) bashing I'm pretty sure that it was us that claimed that we'd got him. Wasn't it meant to have been some SF raid on his HQ?
It was the Paras:

"Major Andrew Jackson of the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment said the body thought to be General Majid had been found along with that of a bodyguard of the head of Iraqi intelligence services in Basra. "
Oh pooh :?

Never mind, we're bound to be able to point the finger and laugh at something else they do shortly.

As long as they don't take casualties doing it

Spams or Paras :) ?

Aparently they caught him last Sunday and managed to keep it hushed up till yesterday.

I suppose they have been speaking nicely to him all week trying to get info on Saddam.

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