Cheltenham Festival 2012

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by regular_imbiber, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Any of you fine chaps and chapesses going?

    I've booked the week off but not sure which day to plump for yet.

    Looking forward to it however and have already found winners for most of the races :)
  2. I went last year, but will be watching it from the pub this year. A couple of us went for the whole shebang, Tuesday through to the Saturday but jeez, it was like a marathon. If I was to go again, I'd go on the Thursday and Friday (Ladies day and the Gold Cup) and stick to my 'friggin gambling budget. How easy is that to get out of control, after a small winning streak and 6 pints of Guinness?

    It is a fantastic venue though and i'm sure you'll enjoy it. This was me last year in the Guinness area.

    at the races.jpg

    3.20 Lose. 3.50 Lose. 4.20 Lose...etc.
  3. I want to go on the first day when excitement is at fever pitch but I also wouldnt mind a peek at Ladies Day and Gold Cup Day; its a dilemma, thats for sure!!

    I'll do an ante-post yankee on the so-called bankers then have a look at each race individually.

    I'm disciplined enough to keep it to a tenner a race.

  4. Oh god that time of year where I'm a foreigner in my own pub.
  5. Good luck with that £10 a race! and get in early, the queues are mahoosive.

    DSC_0073 crop.jpg

    DSC_0095 crop.jpg
  6. Same here. I don't go to the festival, it comes to me!
    Pointless trying to get into the Retreat all week, infact any pub. Plenty of totty around though. Some of it quite posh, esp if the sun is out.
  7. And a shit stack of high class hookers from all round the country, makes thing interesting.
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  8. Apparently so.
    To be honest the last few times I have 'done' the festival I have got no closer to the turf than a bookies in town and a pub. It's a great way to do it.
  9. There normally qued outside the queens hotel in a long line, I hate my home town on race week, stay inside and lock the door :)
  10. It's like Ibiza for middle aged micks. Most of which don't go to the races, just go on a mega piss up in town.
  11. True that im always amazed how long they manage to stay on month/months long Cocaine and Guinness benders with the winnings.I tend to stay in the relative safty of Tewkesbury until they have gone home and the bars and clubs of Cheltenham have just the usual crowd of students and shire folk in them.Bless
  12. I'm knackered, live in Cleeve work in "spit" Gloucester "spit".
  13. People have asked me if Gloucester was bombed during the war due to all the shit 60s buildings,I tell them no its managed to look a shithole without the help of the Luftwaffa.

    Cleeve is alright but only becuse its in the Bourough of Tewkesbury mind you.
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  14. Tewkesbury is full of Hester way hard men :), winchcombe is the place to live