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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Ravers, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The wife and I had 'the chat' last night and it appears that my days of tanking around in small sports cars are numbered. As hard as I try and convince myself, it seems that my Alfa Brera just isn't going to work with a baby. Coupled with the fact that we are considering moving to the countryside, It looks highly likely that I shall be sticking two fingers up to the environment and purchasing a Chelsea Tractor.

    So who's got one? Specifically I'm looking at a 2004 or 5 Range Rover or similar, preferably with no more than 70,000 on the clock. I used to have an old style Range Rover and apart from the crippling fuel and oil bills, I really liked it. The new ones seem pretty gucci and if I get a diesel one it shouldn't break the bank too much. It will be used for all the usual stuff ie carting sprog and dogs around, commuting, towing stuff and most importantly the occasional bit of off roading, shooting/fishing etc.

    So anyone had any experience of Range Rovers? Are the new ones any good? If I buy one what's the likelihood of it lasting a few years without giving me any serious hassle? Are there any real competitors out there? I've looked at the Discovery too but a decent one costs about the same as the Range Rover.
  2. I had a series two Disco and it used to cost me more to get get serviced than my 911.

    Thought of a Lexus?

    As much as I like the look of the Rangies, especially the sports, personally, the head would rule the heart.
  3. I have a Mark 3 Disco, its brill, 30mpg and very comfortable. Leather, climate glass roof oh and room for 5 kids...
  4. Ravers is procreating run for the hills the end is nigh!!!
  5. If my mates 2003 top of the range Disco is anything to go by, lovely motor, don`t forget the extended warrenty
  6. If you need the ground clearance get a double cab hilux, if you need 4x4 get a legacy.

    If you like living under a bonnet, or get a semi at rediculous service costs, go disco/rr
  7. Likelihood = nil.
    Anything made by Land Rover is a disaster area on wheels when it comes to reliability and build quality. Servicing costs and spares for newer ones are exorbitant. I've had nothing but grief from RRs (though the original one was a great cross country vehicle).
    Get something Japanese for half the cost.
  8. Agreed. Buy Landrover and you'll spend half your waking week underneath the thing fettling it. You'll also need a second car to go and collect spares with when it breaks, which it will, frequently.
    It will invariably break miles from assistance, and unless you're built like the proverbial brick shithouse they're a bastard to push. You'll also find that recovery firms don't like them, as they're near the limits of your average breakdown winch.

    So yes, go Jap. Or look what others use: having suffered with various LR products, I got a van--like most of the Forestry Commission use; the van got me anywhere the LR should have, but without the crises, weight or expense.
    For rugrat transport an estate car (aka "shooting brake") is good, too.
  9. Going Japaneasy is the only real way, although there are loads of disco lovers

    Couldn't you get a mega sporty 4 x 4 estate?
  10. Aherm cuntys, I already said jap and particularly the legacy estate
  11. Yep go Jap, if you're going to put miles on it as well, deffo Jap. The contracts director at my place wanders round a few sites an the Shogun is the best compromise, tough, off road is good, good on road manners.

    Do not under any circumstances consider an X5, unless you only go out in the dry on perfect roads. It's utter bollex in all other conditions, a bowling green would be a challenge!

    The jap cars tend to come will all the kit as standard, and by some amazing miracle it actually works.
  12. The roads around my neck of the woods can be so crap in winter it borders on dangerous, and my X5 copes with no problems at all.

    I chopped in a Disco for it, and glad I did.

    Perhaps there was something seriously wrong with yours?
  13. A place I used to work at ( in vehicle recovery) replaced old Transits and Landrovers with American Ford F150 and F350 pickups. If you want space, comfort, and humongous pulling/cruising oomph, take a look at them.
  14. Where do I start? I was in a very similar position to yours at the start of the year. I have had a number of Solihull products over the years. If you've never had one, then quite simply you don't know what you are letting yourself in for. In the end, I bought a Mercedes M Class. Not without its problems. Having said that, I still hunger for a Range Rover. I nearly, so nearly bought a P38 (one of the last), and to be honest, I'd probably have paid about the same putting it just right as I paid for the Merc, so probaby not a lot in it. However, when I got the Merc, the Kremlin said that she wanted a larger car than her Civic, and only a Freelander would do. She didn't like anything else. So, we duly bought one. Suddenly all the Land Rover foibles are there again. She has just cost me a grand to sort out the VCU, ECU and Air Con. I now come to the crux of my story, I took it to a local(ish) Land Rover specialist in Bristol, Steve Hill ( Steve Hill Land Rover Servicing ). I told him that I was seriously thinking about getting rid of the Merc for either a P38 or an L322 (about what you are looking at on on 04). He looked at me as though I was mad, and then told me that I would indeed be mad to do so. He wasn't complaining as they keep him in good business, but he did say that they were probably as unreliable car as Land Rover had ever produced, and that's saying something. Ask about a couple of local Landy specialists, they'll point you in the right direction. I'm still torn over a RR, really, that's where my heart lies, but I cannot get out of my head that it's a £70k car, with £70k car repair costs, and that's what you need to bear in mind. In the end, for me it only really came down to two cars, the M Class and the Lexus RX. Neither really have the class or presence of the RR, but both are far for reliable. The ML can do some off road, the Lexus, well, none really. I came very close to the Lexus, it's not the most reliable for nothing! But the deciding factor for me was that there are loads of Merc specialists around in my area (and I seem to have found the best garage I've ever found for looking after mine) but I cannot find any Lexus specialists in the area.

    So, you pays your money, you takes your choice. Just do it with your eyes open. By the way, the major service on the Freebie? Just a smidgen over £500. The major service on the Merc? £159 all in! Go figure.